The Maid of Honor Speech Tips


So, you’ve been asked to be a Maid of Honor….Wow! You know it is a very important role in the Brides’ life. You are now taking on the task of being ‘that’ friend who the Bride can always come to for comfort and celebration. Not the Groom’s best friend, by any means.

Whether it be good times or bad, you are the friend the Bride has chosen to turn to during her marital years. The Maid of Honor Speech should be given with dignity and pride…a certain ‘etiquette’ is always good to refer to;

Make notecards and practice in the mirror a few times (try not to use the notecards for the speech – there’s only 4 – you can do it!)

Card #1

Introduce yourself and what an Honor it is to be here. Immediately compliment the Bride on how beautiful she looks. If you went wedding dress shopping with her, explain how she looked wonderful in everything she tried on. Compliment the Groom, if appropriate or make a joke on ‘How well he cleaned up’.

Card #2

The Mother of the Bride should always be noticed and it is up to the Maid of Honor to make sure she is happy and well admired. Tell a short story of how the Mother saved the day or if not that close, state how beautiful she looks. Always thank both parents of each sides as they probably made the event happen financially. Both the Bride and Groom will be happy you did.

Card 3

This is where the actual ‘oathe’ takes place between the Bride and Maid of Honor. A short sweet story should be told of an everlasting friendship and loyalty is announced. Make it light-hearted but effective. Your true friend will be confident in you assuring her you are there for her.

Card #4

It’s a wedding, a beginning, the future is bright! End with a toast to the Bride and Groom with all the mysteries and love in the future.

Be respectful and sincere so your Maid of Honor Speech will be remembered as the most gracious in your Bride’s eyes.