The many flavors of Green Tea

The flavored green tea is prepared by combining the subtle taste of the tea with an array of harmonizing natural tangs such as those of freshly-plucked flowers, fruits, spices or herbs. The entire concept of sipping flavored green tea is not recent. It actually dates back to old times where in the Chinese tradition, people mixed green tea with various other aromas and tastes and this practice continued on for several thousand years. In fact, various tea manufacturers and wholesale loose tea suppliers have still kept this tradition alive and are offering the finest tea blends from all around the globe.

Flavoring the green tea is actually considered an art. The finest quality teas derive their flavors from the exquisite art of perfectly balancing the ingredients. If the flavor gets too concentrated, it will too strongly dominate the tea. And if it’s too diluted, it will make the tea tasteless and bland.

There are many people who have tried and given up drinking green tea because the taste never suited them. Yes, green tea can taste flavorless and even bitter at times which makes it undrinkable. But then again, one needs to acquire a taste for green tea and also consider the many ways in which it needs to be prepared and brewed.

Let’s take a look at various ways in which green tea can be taken and enjoyed at the same time.

1. Green tea should not be taken with milk. When milk is added, it ruins the herbal taste of the tea and makes it taste strange.

2. If you need to drink sweet tasting green tea, consider adding spoonfuls of sugar depending upon your requirement.

3. You can even add a little lemon juice to your tea along with a pinch of salt if what you prefer is a sour taste.

4. To obtain a sweet and sour taste, add salt, sugar and lemon juice to the tea.

5. You can also consider adding cinnamon powder, bay leaves, cardamom, cloves, peppermint, etc. to your tea while it is being brewed.

There are really wonderful flavors available in the market that you can purchase. These are:

1. Tulsi green tea – This tea is a nice blend of tulsi herbs and green tea leaves. It tastes really delicious and you can enjoy various health benefits of both tulsi and green tea.

2. Peppermint green tea – Peppermint adds a distinctive flavor and fragrance to the green tea. The taste is different but really refreshing.

3. Pomegranate green tea – Pomegranate sure adds a sharp tang to the tea but the resultant flavor is sweet and both pomegranate and green tea mix beautifully well.

4. Jasmine green tea – Jasmine flowers have a sweet scent and this when added to the green tea makes it more tasty and relishing.

If you wish to try out these flavors, you can find a number of retailers selling quality Darjeeling green tea online. You may need to try out a few flavors before you actually find the one that best treats your taste buds! Good luck and do share your experience with us.