News The Many Intricacies and Complications of Being in Love

The Many Intricacies and Complications of Being in Love


It is said that finding true love is one of the most difficult propositions that humans have to live with. There are instances of two people coming together or even being thrown together by a twist in their respective tales, falling in love and even marrying, only to be divorced some time later.

On the other hand there are people who are in a relationship for a sizeable number of years. However, on the surface it is calm and beautiful, but when probed beneath the surface there is absolute chaos and things are just waiting to boil over.

And there is yet another situation where the couple is always quarrelling and fighting, even to the point of being abusive and physically assaulting each other. And yet they are so much in love with each other that they enjoy the most passionate moments when they are finally in bed together for the night.

What then are the explanations that can be fathomed in all of the three situations? This is a cause of concern and in fact a field of deep and contemplative study that may have baffled many a scientist as well as social scientist, psychologist and what not who may have been racking their brains to find out the reason why the always fighting and on-the-surface abusive couple are not only together, but also have the deepest and most intimate relationship, while the ones that have all their feelings bottled up and are formal and lovey dovey when they are in front of their peers and the society at large do not see each other eyeball to eyeball when they are alone.

One of the reasons that Freudian psychologists could reach is that the boiling over of the emotions in open view of others, of the couple that seem to wash their dirty linen in public could be their way of getting into the mood for the nights of unrestrained passion. On the other hand, the couple that has been trying hard to keep their differences out of the public eye is conspicuous by their overtly caring nature towards each other. However, the trained eye can easily spot the boiling rage or the constant clash under the skin.

A school of thought could be that the couple that has been in a relationship that seems to be speeding towards the cliff is actually going to take off into the heights of ecstasy when the cliff approaches, while the couple that is all loving and caring becomes cold and distant over a period. Given the same example of heading towards a cliff, this car could easily tumble over because each of them is busy thinking that the other should take care of the situation.

In all the discussion so far, we have to acknowledge that in spite of the weighing of the two sides of argument, there doesn’t seem to be a solution that can be quantifiable to put forward as a theory or even hypothesis, which leaves the argument that social sciences or humanities are better left alone than to be treated like exact sciences where the results are not just well reasoned, but also well accepted by us over the centuries.

The Many Intricacies and Complications of Being in Love
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