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The Many Uses of Botox


When most people hear the word Botox they automatically think of their favorite celebrity that used it to correct their facial wrinkles. However, very few people know that the enhanced protein can actually serve many purposes, such as: excessive sweating, muscle spasms, migraines, and an overactive bladder.

BotoxHow does it work?

Botox for Wrinkle Treatment

Wrinkles are folds in the skin that are caused by the constant contraction of muscles that are within the area of your wrinkles. The face alone has 43 muscles that help us express very unique emotions. Expressing yourself is great and no one should ever have to give that up in order to stay looking young. Botox helps this by relaxing the muscles around the affected areas, thus allowing your wrinkles to straighten out to their original position. And stay there.

Botox for Migraines

More than 12 percent of Americans suffer from chronic migraines. These are migraines that last for four hours or longer, and are pulsating about fourteen days out of a month. With a couple of Botox injections into the proper regions of your head and neck every twelve weeks or so, migraines can be effectively treated for up to three months.

Botox for Excessive Underarm Sweating

Hyperhidrosis is a condition in which the body produces copious amounts of sweat. The sweat can often times perspire at times when nervousness or physical activity are not even factors. Hyperhidrosis can cause some people to be socially and/or physically uncomfortable. Fortunately, the FDA approved the use of Botox in order to treat hyperhidrosis back in 2004. Botox acts as a blocking agent for the neurotransmitters that are responsible for the stimulus of sweat glands. Botox essentially paralyzes these neurotransmitters and the results can last up to eighteen months if applied properly.

Botox for Muscle Spasms

The fact that Botox can treat muscle spasms is pretty obvious once you realize what it does. Since the main purpose of Botox is to paralyze specific muscles, overactive muscles can be neutralized quickly and effectively. Thus allowing you to return to your normal lifestyle.

Botox for Overactive Bladder

Overactive bladders are primarily caused by the inconsistent contraction of the muscles around your bladder. Doctors can use a procedure called cystoscopy to help them see the inside of the bladder while the Botox is being injected. The relaxed muscles allow for a larger storage capacity in the bladder as well as reducing episodes of urinary incontinence. The use of Botox to treat an overactive bladder should only be performed on adults that can’t use or aren’t affected by a class of medications known as anticholinergics.

Don’t forget

As is the case with any medical procedure. First talk to a licensed practitioner about the results you wish to get from the procedure as well as any other information they may say is important. This will allow the practitioner to perform the safest and most effective treatment for your specific needs.

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