The mind-reader

Simon did not like the dark. He was afraid of it. He would lay in the bed trying to go asleep. That’s when the voices came.
He would hear whole conversations, or sometimes music, when there was no radio, or TV on. Just the thick darkness. He had continous nightmares, even though there was no stress in his life.
Then he was taken to the doctor, who prescribed medicine. The nightmares sunk into the purple haze of the tranquilizers, and he finally could sleep more than 3-4 hours a night.
But he had this faint feeling that it was not only him being sick, there must be something out there he was sensitive to. Sometimes it was enough for him just to think about something, and people obeyed his will.
That he did not tell the doctor.
He read about telepaths, that not even modern science knew where to put them. He learned that twins were mostly in possession of this ability, but his brother was three years younger.
„ What if” – he thought – „ I am some kind of a broken radio, that receives and transmits continually?”
He was convinced, that there was nothing on CDs, DVDs, that this kind of communication was a technology way ahead human cognition, and maybe, if human brain could sense radio waves, it could also generate them.
It was all a matter of brain waves, signals, and a well-bult system of receivers.
„ We use only 10% of our brain capacity.” – he had read somewhere.
„ What if I’m using 15%?” – he began to laugh.
His case was worthy of the „X-files” movie, but then again, that movie was not into denying paranormal phaenomena, more than that, it was trying to locate them and understand.
The only thing humans will never realize, proved Einstein, was time travel, other than that there’s a free highway ahead of us.
We have heard of ghost hunters, spirit séances, dead men arising, so why would Simon be denied such an innocent little game as mind-reading?
So he decided, that he was not to be sucked into depression, considering the alienated life he lived, but he would concentrate his energies into doing something useful the way he was.