The mistakes made ??when writing a cover letter

Candidates often do not give much importance to the letter and consider it a formality to complete without suspecting that it is often the letter that will allow them to or not to get a job interview . This article describes some common mistakes by candidates when writing a letter.

For many employers, a curriculum vitae without an accompanying cover letter is the first reason to reject the application, there is even a letter that comporterai 7 common mistakes include:

• Forgetting information, such as name, contact information (even if they are on the CV), title and signature. Have a great model letter and can not be contacted is useless

• Do not treat the presentation of the letter, ie using paper different from the CV (no color), it must not contain any erasures, be written right to left draw lines of light and the erase . If you type your letter, follow these simple rules such as no spaces before a single sign (comma,) and a space after to double signs (semicolon, colon, etc …) a space before and after.

• Repeat his curriculum vitae, you may notice in your letter the last graduation and refer to last position to prove your skills, but do not refer to it throughout your curriculum and career.

• Use passive or negative formulas such as “I could not,” “I did not succeed,” “he took,” but stay positive instead using phrases such as “I participated”, ” I tried, “etc. …

• Being pretentious, certainly you must put in your cover letter your skills and your qualities, but speak only of you will remind the recruiter that you have no interest in the company to which you are addressing.

• Be familiar with his style of writing, always keep in mind that you are talking to your future employer or your supervisor and therefore you owe respect.

• A cover letter is too long or too short, in the first case, the recruiter will be prompted that you have no ability to synthesize and discourages the reader. In the second case, if it is too short, it may suggest a lack of motivation and organization, since ‘no plan has been followed.
In all cases, pay particular attention to your letter, it is a key element for a first selection, see a first interview.