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The Modern Music Message



I love my tunes. I really seem no reason to live without audible entertainment. Sure, I listen to genres my generation of kin barely enjoy anymore, unless they were actually open-minded and not trying to be a somebody. Music isn’t judging, it is barely directed to an individual, but it has to tell a message, subliminal or obvious. The music I listen to is rock, specifically, punk rock, hard rock, heavy metal, nu metal, and others along the lines of those sub-genres. The reason why I listen to them is because they don’t just stay onto one simple topic, the songs in one single album could mean many things, and talk about many issues. Not problems like, ‘Well, my partner broke mah heart, imma party on. Can’t stop me son.’ Rock songs that I listen to address certain systems and their faults.


The Modern Music Message

System of a Down is a very political band that was formed by Armenians. I believe they were making songs that were messages to a certain government, the futile systems of government, and uses massive amounts of effort to make the public audience interpret what they are getting at. Check any song made by them, there should always be a site that interprets SOAD’s lyrics.

If modern pop music was really trying this hard, maybe the world would be a better place, not smoking marijuana and passing out in clubs and stuff. I’m not pointing fingers, but to speak in general here, I really can’t see any way around it.

The Modern Music Message?

The Modern Music Message

To be honest, even the genre that I hate has some very talented artists and musicians, but what makes me hate their guts is that they apparently have nothing else to sing about.


Love is a very magical thing, it’s what keeps the human race from dying out. Although, this has become a problem, of course this abstract noun is actually important, has it become too important? Honestly, there are way too much to write a tune about, but I guess love is REALLY in now. What ever happened to morals in stories? Is the trend breaking up and then wanting them back? Why’d they make such a stupid mistake to their former partner and why’d they have to make a song describing that situation? I ask myself way too many questions that are quite relevant to those ones.

What do I Wish?

As I believe I’ve mentioned before, I wished that songs today, especially in Pop culture music actually would address issues not in their own selves, but in the world, affecting people and society in the masses, maybe the public audience would listen to these messages and actually do something about it, not just sing along and add it to their MP3 players. Please, mainstream record companies, hear my cry for pure assistance and if you’re a normal person but wants to help, spread this topic around! What if the world can start helping each other figure out puzzles in the real world and not just stay on their couches listening a corrupt leader or government. If humans are this superior according to ourselves, we need to prove it to ourselves.

The Modern Music Message
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