The Most Common Jewelry Findings

Before beginning any of my crafts project, I first make sure that I have all the jewelry making supplies required in my designs. These supplies are very important part of crafting jewelry pieces so if they are readily available while I am working, I know that my work will not stop because I need to buy the supply that has ran out. I usually buy my supplies online, from several websites that offer me their best customer service, the most reasonable prices, and the fastest delivery. Some of these supplies include beads of various materials, some precious stones, beading wires, some tools, and jewelry findings.

Jewelry findings are jewelry making supplies that function by connecting the beads to one another. These components are also used to join the pieces/parts of my jewelry together. These supplies allow me to finish off my necklaces and bracelets well, so I am always picky when buying these things from my favorite online dealers. I always know what I need, and that makes my purchases easy. However, when I am not sure what supplies to buy, I do not make a direct order; I request for catalogs first.

There are many types of jewelry findings and the following list shows only some of them.

1. Jewelry clasps are what I use to close the ends of a bracelet or a necklace. Clasps come in various shapes and styles, including lobster clasps, toggle clasps, screw clasps, box clasps, barrel clasps, magnetic clasps, bolt ring, and hook clasps. These jewelry making supplies are the easiest ways to finish off a piece.

2. Jump rings are also a type of jewelry findings. These may be oval or circular in shape, and come in different sizes and types of metal. You can make your own jump rings with wire, if you are a DIY type of a person. Jump rings can be open rings or closed rings, and these are very useful jewelry making supplies.

3. Head Pins are used to hold the beads on the pins, which I attach to pieces of jewelry. These are pieces of wires with knobs at an end, preventing the beads from falling off the pin. These jewelry findings are available in different lengths and wire types. When needed in the design, I clip them shorter.

4. Eye Pins are jewelry making supplies that serve as links in any of my designs. These are pieces of wire with a looped end. I make my own eye pins, and I believe that you can, also. I want to choose the size of wire myself, the size that is needed for my craft project.

5. Crimps are small beads (can also be tubes) that hold beads and prevent them from falling off the string, after they have been flattened. These jewelry findings are also used to connect a clasp to a string. Chain nosed or flat nosed pliers can be used for crimping small amounts of beads. However, if you will be crimping more often, it will be wise to invest in crimping pliers.

Other types of jewelry findings and jewelry making supplies are the calottes or necklace ends. There are also the bead caps, ear wires, coil crimps, and bails.