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The Most Important Part of Every Workout

The most important part of any workout

The most important thing you can do to maximize your efforts in the gym and get the results you are looking for is to replenish your glycogen stores and take a fast absorbing protein like Whey Isolates immediately following your workout.

When you exercise, your body will use up some or even all of its glycogen stores for energy and if you do not replenish them immediately after working out your body will look for another source to get its energy from if there is no more glycogen.

Unfortunately your body will draw from your muscle tissues for that energy as the muscles are the best and easiest source for your body to draw from. Now true this works better for people who are lifting weights but anyone working out in any way will benefit by doing this.

If you want to keep your energy levels up and not over train and also give your muscles the best chance they have at being big and strong then you really have to do this.

What are Glycogen stores?

The easiest way to explain what Glycogen stores are is that they are the main source of stored energy in your body found in your muscles and liver.

When you eat carbohydrates the carbs are broken down into glucose molecules which are used as fuel for your muscles and brain. If your body does not require all of the glucose then it is converted into glycogen which is stored in the liver and muscles.

Your body is capable of storing about half a day’s worth of energy or glycogen. Anything over and above what your body can store is converted to fat. So when you hear people say cut back on the carbs or you will get fat now you know why.

This is a very high level view of what Glycogen is. It is much more complex than how I have explained it but this is the basics of what you need to know.

So like I said already, when you exercise you use up your stored glycogen stores and you need to replenish then ASAP after a workout so your body doesn’t rob itself of energy from somewhere else that you don’t want it to.

What I do is take a couple of teaspoons of crystal Gatorade and mix them with a scoop of Whey Protein isolate and water.

I recommend Gatorade but you are free to pick any energy type drink you want.

What is whey protein isolate?

Whey protein isolate is the highest yield protein available. Whey protein isolate comes from milk and is the easiest absorbed into your system.

Because of Whey isolates high concentration it is absolutely the best to use and with that comes a higher price tag. In my mind if you can afford it then you should be buying it. Spend the money on yourself using higher quality supplements and reap the rewards.

They really do make the difference. Of course there is a time and place for everything. The benefit of taking whey isolate immediately after you work out is because your muscles are crying out for protein so you need to feed them with protein that will be absorbed the quickest.

You can use a whey protein concentrate but it takes much longer for your body to absorb. You don’t want your body to have the chance to cannibalize itself by robbing established muscle for energy and food. Make sure you give it new easily absorbed food to digest.

Feel free to use other whey proteins other times of the day but right after your workout you need to fuel with isolates to get maximum results for your hard work.

Replenish and reap the rewards

Whether you are new to working out or have been doing it for a while everyone will benefit from refilling glycogen stores and having some whey protein isolate immediately after working out. I take my drink right after my workout and before I hit the showers.

You will notice the difference in just a couple of weeks. It is amazing how many people don’t do this.

To me you are wasting your time working out then if you don’t feed and fuel yourself properly.

Get the results you want by replenishing glycogen and feeding whey protein isolates right after your workout.

You still should have a meal within an hour after taking your whey isolate and glycogen replenishment. Think of the drink right after your workout as a bandage to help repair you until you can get that meal in you.

If I left something out or wasn’t clear enough on something please ask me to explain further.

If you are trying to build muscle this is a must for you. If you want success then do it.

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