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The most important things about digital thermostats you need to know


Millions of people are still using the good old thermostats that we are all familiar with. However, there are other, more advanced digital thermostats that you need to consider. These come with various benefits that are worth mentioning. However, even though these thermostats are recommended, they might not be suitable for every home. Therefore it is important to know all about them in order to be able to make an informed decision.

The most important things about digital thermostats you need to know

Your old thermostat

All of the old non-digital thermostats that people use consist of a variety of moving parts and some mercury in a glass vial. There are certain health risks associated with mercury exposure as these thermostats contain a really high amount compared to other household products.
But health risks are not the only reason why old thermostats are basically flawed. Because there are many moving parts, any harsh movement can seriously affect the accuracy of the thermostat. This could happen when you accidentally bump it a little too hard while trying to change the temperature for example. In many cases, people often have to call an expert who can recalibrate the thermostat so it starts functioning properly again.

But even if you don’t bump the thermostat and touch it as gently as possible, the old ones are still really inaccurate despite being calibrated. You can never get 100% accuracy with an old thermostat which in turn results in large bills.

Digital thermostats

One of the most significant benefits of digital thermostats is that they contain no mercury at all. This not only eliminates the health risks for you and your family, but also helps the environment. As you can probably guess, digital thermostats also don’t contain any moving parts. This means that they never need recalibration which can cost you quite a lot especially if you do it often.

But probably the biggest benefit of having a digital thermostat is that you will be able to save a lot of money annually due to the high level of precision of these devices. Your digital thermostat will know exactly when you need heat or cool air and it will use the right amount of energy.

If you prefer, you can also invest in a programmable thermostat. You will have the opportunity to tell it when you leave for work and when you come back home for example. This way you can have it turn the air conditioner off automatically when you leave and turn it back on 10-15 minutes before you get home so that the temperature is always right without having to waste energy and money.
Keep in mind that despite all of its benefits, a digital thermostat might not be suitable for everyone. Old people might have a hard time learning how to operate a digital or a programmable thermostat especially when they have used a regular one all their lives. On the other hand, most companies will install and program your thermostat for you so that it is as easy as possible to use. The benefits far outweigh this single drawback.

The most important things about digital thermostats you need to know
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