The Most Lucrative Careers in different Sectors?

The financial crisis may hit a lot of people hard but some sectors are still there that offer the most lucrative careers in today’s time of world recession. Especially, the health care sector and the business sector still hold some positions that are considered to be the best paying careers at present days.

Most Lucrative Careers at Health Care Sector

The majority of the most lucrative careers can be found in the health care sector. Anesthesiologists, surgeons, gynecologists, psychiatrists, dentists, etc. are some of the high paying professionals in the field of medical industry. It may seem surprising but the truth is that an anesthesiologist earns more than a surgeon or a physician based on the average annual earnings. An anesthesiologist can earn almost $250,000 per year. Surgeons, gynecologists, dentists, and psychiatrists are next in the line whose earnings range from $200,000 to $110,000 per year.

Most Lucrative Careers at Business Sector

CEOs, IT employees, and accountants have filled the positions of most lucrative careers at business sector. CEOs generally hold the top management position of a company. Great expertise is needed to carry out the management tasks assigned to a CEO. Their salary is approximately $146,000 per year. Accountants and IT employees are also in the list of top paying professionals. Their salary can range from $100,000 to $50,000.

Most Lucrative Careers without a College Degree

A lot of people are there who have left study after their high school. While some people cannot afford a higher education, some are just unwilling to continue study for another four long years. However, you can still shine in some most lucrative careers that do not demand a college degree. The jobs of air traffic controller, funeral director, gaming manager, computer support specialists, etc. are some of the high paying ones that you can carry out without a college degree. These jobs may sound a little bit weird but the amount of money you can earn from these jobs is really lucrative. You can earn $100,000 to $40,000 per year depending on the type of job.

Most Lucrative Careers Especially for Women

Women now fulfill almost half of the workforce. The rate of higher education is also higher in women than in men. However, the reasons behind women’s involvement in less paying jobs are their tendency to work for part time and their unwillingness to negotiate salaries. They also prefer careers that are more interesting to ones that are more lucrative. However, women can earn handsome salaries from some most lucrative careers, like pharmacists, lawyers, education administrators, speech-language pathologists, software developers, nurse practitioners, etc.

In order to choose a good and high-paying career you must plan properly. You should select a career only after judging your skill, interest, creativity, physical condition, etc. You can never shine in a career for which you do not have the necessary qualities or in which you have no interest. If you can utilize your creativity and expertise to the full extent, you will be able to enroll yourself into one of the most lucrative careers available in different sectors