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The Natural Cycle of Testosterone

Testosterone is an important hormone in everyone’s body, even women’s bodies. This hormone, however, is primarily considered a male hormone. It could be described as what makes a man, manly. The hormone also does not just occur in a man and remain at constant levels. It goes through a cycle throughout the man’s lifetime.

Young Years

Starting at birth young boys will have some testosterone in their system. This hormone gives them the drive to explore, get dirty, be noisy, and be little boys. Granted, some of that is social conditioning, but much is biological.

Until the young man reaches puberty, the testosterone levels remain relatively low. In fact, those levels sit at between 0 and 50 ng/DL. As they age, that level starts to rise.

Adolescent Years

During adolescents the bodies undergo huge changes. Hormones are produced, and the body goes through massive growth spurts and changes. During these years those testosterone levels skyrocket. They go from about 50 ng/DL all the way up to around 800 ng/DL.

This surge in hormones is responsible for a number of changes seen in just about every teenage male. It causes facial hair to start growing, lowers the voice, allows muscles to be built, and increases the sex drive. This sudden change is often difficult to handle, but it is to be expected.

Young Adult Years

When a man is in his 20’s and 30’s his testosterone levels out. It remains “high” if that can even be a term. In fact, the range for testosterone levels is so big, that it is incredibly difficult to determine who has high testosterone and who has low.

During these years a person will have between 200 ng/DL and 800 ng/DL. Anywhere in this range is considered normal. For 2 decades or so the levels will remain stable. Where they land varies by individual.

Adult Years

Once a man hits 40 years old he can expect his testosterone levels to start to decrease. By the ages 50 and 60 those levels will be significantly lower than when he was in his 20s and 30s. Many people think that this is a problem, and they talk to their doctors about it.

Lately doctors have been quick to prescribe testosterone boosting drugs. These drugs bring those levels back up and help the patient feel youthful again. The problem with these drugs, however, is not just that they are unnecessary, but because they can have fatal side effects.

Testosterone Levels Go in Cycles

By the time a male is in his senior years, his testosterone levels will have dipped significantly from his peak years. These are natural effects of growing old. The cycle starts when a male is born; his levels slowly increase through childhood. They surge in adolescence and remain high during the 20’s and 30’s. In the 40’s and 50’s they drop back down and by the time he is a senior they have fallen to low levels again.

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