The Natural Way to Lower Cholesterol

Cholesterol is one of those big scary words that most people don’t understand. This important component of our bodies is not all bad; in fact we need cholesterol in our blood to keep us healthy. What ends up happening is that we get too much cholesterol, and it ends up causing problems rather than benefiting. Since the CDC estimates that over 100 million adults suffer from high cholesterol (considering there are about 235 million people in this group total, that is a significant portion of the US), it is safe to say that high cholesterol is an epidemic that needs to be controlled. And it is as simple as changing your diet.

There are a few foods that are considered to be cholesterol battling super foods. Here are some ideas for each meal that will help reduce your cholesterol levels and let you live a happier and healthier life.


Breakfast is skipped by a good portion of the population. Most claim they are too busy to sit down and be healthy in the morning. Instead, they grab their coffee to go and do more harm than good.

Try to incorporate this into your daily routine:

Sit down with a bowl of whole oats (instant oats work too, but whole oats work better). Spruce it up with a few almonds and a drizzle of honey. If you need more than that, grab a banana.


For lunch you really don’t need that much food. Most Americans overeat at all of their meals. To keep your heart healthy and your cholesterol levels normal, sit down to a small cup of cashews, a three bean salad, and wash it down with some tea. Keep in mind that if you add toppings and dips to your meals, you’re defeating the purpose. Keep the tea plain and skip the sugar. If you need to sweeten it, honey is your best option.

If that’s not enough, consume an apple and munch some whole grain crackers too.


Dinner is where you can indulge. This meal has to tide you over for about 12 hours, so eat up. But make sure that you eat fish, like salmon or tilapia. Top it with a little lemon and garlic, and add a side salad rich in spinach and avocado. For your dress skip the ranch, but opt for olive oil and a dash of salt. Round it all off with a couple squares of dark chocolate and glass of red wine, and your body will thank you.

Eating healthy does not have to be hard. And despite common misconceptions, it is actually a lot cheaper to eat healthy than to eat junk processed foods. If you need to resort to a statin drug to give your body that initial boost in fighting high cholesterol, then you should. But try not to stay on those drugs for too long, as they have side effects that can be deadly.

How do you stay healthy?