The New Dofollow Bookmarking Sites on Steroids

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There’s a new type of content submission model which is giving spawn to a very powerful and flexible backlinking source that would rival any of the highest dofollow bookmarking sites.

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These hybrid content submission sites have completely innovated the content submission model and in the process have provided many lucrative backlinking resources for blogger and online writers alike!

Although unlike bookmarking websites, these hybrid content submission websites have not only earned the respect from the Google Monster but many also provide an impressive list of very useful , innovative and lucrative features.

Every month seems to bring a number of fresh new content submission websites looking to attract creative and talented bloggers and writers to submit all manner of content to their websites. But for these newly modelled supercharged dofollow bookmarking sites, what makes them all that different from the all to familiar and well used run of the mill bookmarking sites.

Revenue Sharing: many of these content submission sites provide a very generous adsense revenue sharing scheme with its writers. Many content submission sites also provide multiple options for attracting revenue such as Amazon.

Referral Bonuses: referring other writers to open accounts with these new hybrid content submission websites can earn you a recurring bonus adsense revenue on the articles of the writers you refer.

Dofollow Backlinks: the best content submission sites have a well earned respect from Google and also enjoy a healthy page rank.

Traffic: internal traffic from many of these sites can provide a noticeable and healthy boost to your site and the communities of these submission sites are an active and vibrant bunch who will nosy around, find your article or content submission and leave thoughtful and interesting comments.

For anybody who is used to submitting their blogs, sites and hubs for the highest PR dofollow bookmarking sites. The following list of the most powerful content submission websites are a highly valuable resource.

Mutant Dofollow Bookmarking Sites on Steroids

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The New Dofollow Bookmarking Sites on Steroids, Seekyt
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