The New IPhone 5

The Iphone 5 is out now.It’s arrival is much like the arrival of a new-born but much expected baby. Never has any product given technology enthusiast much hope and anxiety as the IPhone. As always expectations are high and people are willing to spend sleepless nights outside sales outlet just to be the first to get hold of the much awaited Iphone.

This is exactly what happened on the midnight of thursday 27 September,2012 in Italy when the Iphone 5 was officially released for sale.A crowd line-up was inevitable as all sales outlets were filled with fans of the Iphone waiting to get their hands on the latest technological wonder from Cupertino.

The elevated price of the Iphone 5 was no impediment to fans from pulling out their hard-earned cash to grab the first pieces of this masterpiece. Prices for the new Iphone 5 go from €729 for the 16Gb version, €839 for the 32Gb version and €949 for the 64Gb version. From the line-up of fans outside sales outlets and Apple stores all over Italy, Italian giornalists were forced to ask the question ‘Is there a crisis?’

For sometime now the media is telling us there is a crisis because statistics show that sales are low,companies are laying off workers, the spending power of the people has diminished, government is cutting back on some essential services to the people and that the current crisis might be worse than that of 2008/2009 period . But in all of this people are willing to go to any length and extent to satisfy their desire of possessing an Iphone even if that means sleeping and waking up in front of crowded sales outlet for long hours.

Is the media getting it all wrong or is this one of those rare moments deep in the middle of a growing crisis that even the media itself cannot explain? Thousands of euros are going to be spent .Thousands of bookings for new Iphones are going to be made and by all indications sales are going to be high bringing millions of dollars into Apple’s coffers and all of this in a time of great financial instability, job losses and uncertainty for the future.

If financial instability,job losses and uncertainty for the future is what we are experiencing right now, with the new Iphone 5 all of this has come second place and where we are cautious in our spending perhaps for fear of running out of cash,we for once take pleasure in spending a small fortune for a technological delight.

Fortunes have been made and are being made even in a time of crisis. All it needs is a good product in which people can identify with quite easily so much that like the new Iphone 5,they are willing to wait their turn in a long line-up in front of a crowded sales outlet and at the same time are willing to part with their hard-earned money not caring about the cost. This is the Iphone.