The New World of Online Gaming

The gaming industry is more advanced and more exciting than ever in 2012; whether you’re a fan of first person shooters, strategy games, puzzles or RPGs there are cool games online for you only a few clicks away. The amount of people interested in games has increased monumentally since the launch of smart phones, and the amount of competition out there to capture this new generation of gamers has meant some of the most interesting and complex games ever coded have been released recently, whether they’re on the Internet, on a console or on a smart phone or tablet app.

There are so many advantages to playing online that will appeal to any regular player; many sites that are dedicated to games now have a lot of inbuilt features to really enhance your playing experience; such as player accounts which will track your trophies, points and high-scores. Using an account you can also play against your friends and beat their records, or even make new friends (or enemies) by sharing your scores on forums and leader boards.

Some experienced gamers have even realised that you can make money from playing online. There are many ways to do this including gambling on Internet poker tournaments, but this can be risky and addictive! Other websites will offer you cash prizes for beating high-scores and for taking part in competitions and knockout tournaments. If you have a lot of time, you can even spend hours levelling up accounts on role-play games, and then you can sell the accounts on sites such as eBay for a profit, however, this requires extreme dedication!

The huge fan bases that some cool online games now have means that people have even started hosting huge events and gatherings where many players from international locations will meet together and play multiplayer games. Although people can now link up through headsets to talk to their gaming partners, parties are still a great way to get to know other enthusiasts and share tips, tricks and occasionally cheats!

If you find yourself extremely interested in this digital world then there are conventions you can visit around the world where developers with launch new games and let you try demos. Most notably there is the Tokyo game show and Eurogamer – these events attract huge crowds of die-hard fans, so make sure you get tickets early, they might be busy but when you get there, they are great ways to get to know the culture.