The Online Cheaters

Before starting the main factor of this topic, I would like to ask advance apologies from all of them who may feel insulted by my post. But the point is it will hurt only those who are the part of ‘online cheating community’.

We all have to be agree that money is essential part of human life and we all tend to show interest in all activity that can give us some part time or full time earning. And we become happy when we find a reliable and trusted source of earning.

It is the era of internet and many from us who understands technology, stay online most of the time, out of them some are busy in their full time earning methods which are provided them by their employer. But many are their among them who don’t have a stable earning way, so they try to search for online earning sources. And the curiosity of finding ‘reliable earning sources’ of such people becomes golden opportunity for some ‘dishonest’ website owners to encash their thirst of making some money.

They make fake websites in the forms of blogs, PTC, Survey and many more to cheat them. The people join with the hope to get some extra financial support by working with those site, but their heart get broken when they realize that all their time and effort have been wasted, this is because the site owners cheat them very badly.
Recently some sites (Better I don’t write any name to stay away from controversy) done the same, they allure people by offering some initial successful payment, this made its users also to trust them, but finally they stopped paying all of sudden with so many childish reasons. This hurt their users tremendously and some people also stopped trusting all the sites. The anger can be imagined as in review some users used abusive words against the owners and staff of the site. I can not say whether those people deserved such language or not, but this incident gave some other people chance to design similar sites and unfortunately people again got trolled.
Now we can understand that this trend will always be popular when a site offers earnings with promises to guaranteed pay and user will surely attracts towards such promises. The reason is clear like water, we all need money.
So now it is the moral duty of the site owners that they understand the feeling of people and don’t cheat them for their self short term earning shortcuts. It is also our (user’s) duty to understand the site properly before proceeding.