The Paramount Miami Worldcenter Takes Miami Up A Notch

Miami is thinking big about its future. Miami has always had plenty of beach-side towers, but it never had the cityscape of a true metropolis. That’s changing quickly. The real estate market in the Miami area is booming for both commercial and residential buyers, with little sign of letting up. As the city becomes the central hub in trade from South America to Canada, developers are starting to plan and execute larger and larger buildings. The Paramount Miami WorldCenter is another example of Miami’s commitment to become a world-class city in every way.

To a city like New York, know for its canyons of stone and glittering office towers, a 55-story building like the Paramount Miami Worldcenter would be lost among the giants. In downtown Miami, it will immediately become a prominent anchor of the city’s skyline. The tower will hold 470 luxury residential units, along with every amenity. The building has an airfoil shape, and it looks like a glass sail from many angles. Because of the height of the building, and the ample decks on every floor, there will be breathtaking views of the entire city as well as the ocean from almost every room.

The Paramount Miami Worldcenter is more than just a large residential project. It’s part of a complex of interrelated buildings that offer residents every service imaginable, plus easy access to shopping. Local real estate experts like say projects like the Worldcenter are more about creating an instant neighborhood than planting a single building along an existing streetscape. Miami’s weather makes this sort of indoor/outdoor, public space/private space possible. With lots of glass, and circulation to other spaces built in, the Paramount Worldcenter blurs the line between residential space, commercial space, and the boulevard.

Miami, FloridaImage by Stephen Weppler

To become a truly international destination, Miami needs to be able to serve the needs of residents and visitors accustomed to the finest accommodations in the world. Miami luxury developers are meeting the need for high-end condominiums for the most discerning customers, and they are including the retail and commercial infrastructure in their plans that assure buyers that they’re not purchasing an upscale home in an area that won’t have amenities of the same caliber. The Paramount Miami Worldcenter is part of a ring of extraordinary properties that line the seacoast that are giving Miami one of the most striking cityscapes in the country.

One detail that today’s buyers require is privacy. The ten-foot ceilings and glass walls are to let the views in, not surrender a feeling of security. The designers of the Paramount Miami Worldcenter increase the feeling of solitude in a busy building by completely removing all hallways from the plan. Every one of the 477 condominiums will be service by private elevator. That not only increases privacy and security, it avoids dreary, windowless hallways in the central core of the building that would normally detract from the most elegantly appointed condos they serve. The developers have also included amenities far beyond the average by turning the top of the building into the equivalent of a 6-acre park, with swimming pools, a spa, an amphitheater, a fitness center, and even a dog-walking park.