The Pares Space Warp Star Ship Drive Is Here.

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On Dec. 14 2014 the Omaha World Herald published a full page article about the discovery of Professor David Pares, who has developed a space warp drive with a working model. The article is scientifically sound just as the work of Professor Pares is. By first studying the electrical conditions in thunderstorms, that produced unexplained linear displacement of aircraft, such as the flight of Bruce Gernon who with his Beechcraft Bonanza aircraft was transported 100 miles in a few seconds, and landed well ahead of schedule with a documented excess of fuel, Professor Pares created similar conditions and obtained linear displacement by space warp.

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The concept that a space warp could be created and used for propulsion was first proposed by physicist Miguel Alcubierre in 1994, based on his solution of Einstein;s General Field Equations. With the space warp the craft does not actually move in relation to the space around it, a sort of space wave bubble transports all within it, by altering space itself. A simple analogy would be a surfer whose board is carried along with the water wave. The apparent speed with which the space warp bubble transits space is NOT limited by Relativity; in theory enormous distances can be transited in very little time. There is no need for propellant or acceleration or deceleration, only electrical energy is required.

Professor Alcubierre’s concept was accepted, but no one knew how to create a space warp bubble. That is until now. They will very soon know how to do it, because Professor Pares will show them how. Just as he showed me how.

When I first learned about what is now called ‘The Pares Space Warp Drive Motor’ I was sceptical, but after corresponding with Professor Pares by email and telephone, and finally meeting with him in person and seeing his work, I am convinced. Professor Pares is an extremely intelligent , capable and ethical man, and he works with a research team of professional scientists. His work is entirely self-funded at this time. It is all truly amazing!

Assuming The Pares Starship Drive (this is what I call it) fulfills its promise, and I believe it will, this is the greatest discovery since fire. It would open up this Milky Way galaxy with its 500 billion suns to exploitation and colonization. Imagine the value of an entire Earth type world, with all its resources intact. What would the monetary value of such a world be? It is beyond calculation. And there are probably millions or billions of such worlds in this galaxy alone.

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This ebook presents the history, theory, design and operation of the Space Warp Drive in detail with illustrations. If you are interested in Spacecraft design and operation, the exploration of space including colonizing new worlds and making contact with ETs, and our future in space, then you should read this ebook, because it presents these subjects and more in detail.

Phillip Duke Ph.D.

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The Pares Space Warp Star Ship Drive Is Here., Seekyt
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