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The perfect diet for your personality!

People say that the secret of success is to do what you like. The same rules apply when you pick your diet. You ‘ll keep it for a longer time, if it is based on rules that are easier to follow.

The secret of an effective diet is, after all, the way you feel: If the restrictions are high and you make efforts not to go wrong, the chances of success are minimal.
 Read about the five personality types described below and discover what your diet should include, to turn it right into a success.


Are you reliable? Do you respect all deadlines? Always arrive on time? You tend to follow the rules word by word? Psychologists describe yourself as extremely conscientious.

“This type of personality is obviously the most prone to follow restrictive diets, without experiencing too much pressure,” says Martin Hagger, research psychologist at the University of Nottingham.

Conscientious people prefer a stable diet-based program wich does not require too much personal coordination. Pre-established rules give them the impression of control, even more, if they are prepared by nutritionists, in wich they have total confidence.

If you fit into this pattern, try a diet with fixed meals and snacks. Make sure you always have in the fridge, all the necessary ingredients for your meal times.

If you are forced to improvise something at the moment, you could feel that you have lost control on your diet. Plan your weekly diet schedule in advance, and you will not have problems to follow it.


You hate to make plans or to promise things in advance? You are getting bored quickly, and you cannot concentrate on one thing for a long time? Impulsive people, less conscientious, need to take extra measures to “resist” keeping a diet, even for one week.

Putting on paper exactly what to eat that day, can help you. At lunch eat a salad with grilled chicken and an apple, in the evening eat a cream soup made from broccoli, and for dessert, you can have a handful of blueberries.”

It can also be helpful for you to “break” the overall objective in smaller goals, which lies on a shorter period of time.


 You are proned to feelings of stress and anxiety? You pass easily from one mood to another?

You are what psychologists call, a neurotic personality (do not worry, it is not necessarily a negative thing; you are only more sensitive than others).

According to researches, neurotic people put more soul into diets and are struggling very hard to achieve their goals and improve their physical appearance, sometimes pushing things to extremes.

For them, food is quickly becoming an activity that occupies a lot of time and they consume many nerves, and many of them lose weight because of stress.
If you want to lose weight, with no negative effects on your general health, it is important that in addition to your diet, make more sport (exercises relieves anxiety and has a calming effect) and take yoga or meditation lessons.

Do whatever it takes to forget about loosing weight in order to look like the models from magazines, otherwise your friends will not like you any more.


You like to be surrounded by people, or go to parties? You’re always the one who organizes surprise parties for your friends? Do you feel “empty” and depressed after spending one day locked in the house by yourself?

One idea would be to start a diet with your friends so that you will support each other throughout.

It is vital to keep your energy at the same rate, do not let your optimism fall because you cannot order the  frappe filled with whipped cream your friend enjoys.

You can do this by choosing to eat foods that give you a “boost” of energy.


Always opened to new adventures, whether it’s about the latest art exhibition, a film festival or a new interesting idea found on blogs? You enjoy being creative and always looking for opportunities to demonstrate your originality?

Psychologists would say that you are opened for new experiences. If you are a part of the curious category, the most constructive diet is …the one invented by you!

You can vary foods and explore new ways to introduce in your program many new things that you want  to test.

Like your unconventional way to live your life, that’s how your diet should be. Study sites and books, learn what is healthy and what is not, and get to explore and invent new recipes.

By doing so, you will feel better and it will not be a burden for you, to abstain from certain kinds of food.

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