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The Perfect Resume Revealed – Top Writing Tips

Landing the job of our dreams most certainly requires certain skills and a dose of pure luck. No matter what qualifications and experience we may have, a poorly written resume could easily ruin the opportunity. With many HR studies being carried out, the results can easily be summarized with the following conclusion – on average recruiters make a decision regarding particular applicant in approximately 5 seconds by taking a glimpse at their resume. If you want to make a good impression for that extremely short period of time, here are my top tips for writing the perfect resume:

Choose the Right Category and Search for Templates

The type of resume needed for the particular job application is often overlooked, but to land the job of your dreams, you need to make it appealing for the recruiter. This can’t happen if you present them with resume not falling within the required category.

A great way to make a decision for particular application is to search for templates – there are many available with popular job application websites (great example is jobs.ac.uk) and also specialized websites (for example, you can find a unique resume template at Kukook.com). These will give you an idea on the right type of resume needed for the particular application and also what it takes to make it compelling enough to actually land you a new job.

Writing the Resume from Scratch vs. Using a Template

When it comes to actually writing your resume, you basically have two main choices – to start from scratch or to use a template prepared by professionals. While the first option is often considered better, not everyone is able to write it the way it should be done, so resume templates will work best. Furthermore, you can always personalize the template according to your exact needs with well written opening statement, key skills, qualifications and personal attributes. No matter which option you choose, remember that the key to writing the perfect resume is to put the most useful information forward, when describing all personal details.

How Long the Perfect Resume Should be?

This is probably the most common question job seekers ask and the truth is there is no pre-defined answer for it – depending on your education, experience and qualifications, your resume could easily span to between 1 and 3 pages. Since there are no requirements about length whatsoever, remember that in it you should place only the most useful information and important details on why you are suitable for the particular position.

Provide References

One of the key tips to remember here is that you can increase the chances of being hired drastically by simple including between 2 and 4 references! Do include references, which helped you perform at your best and double-check their contact details, before you send out your resume.

Employ Titles and Phrases that Catch Attention

The main goal of the resume is to grab the attention of the employer and impress them. You can easily achieve this by employing compelling titles and phrases when writing it. A good tip to remember here is that its best to use verbs to showcase your previous job responsibilities, skills and qualifications that make you stand out of the crowd.


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