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The Perfect Tune up and Lube Service for a New Vehicle

Servicing a new car is essential for the statutory warranty to remain valid. Most car dealers will let a buyer conclude that the warranty will continue to be valid only if the dealer services the car. The service charges by these dealers are always higher compared to the amount charged by other service providers. However, a certified service centre can do the service just as well, or better than the dealer without nullifying the statutory warranty.

A new car’s statutory warranty is valid if the service provider meets the following conditions during service:

• The car is serviced at or before the specified point in time
• The service uses only high quality spare part
• The service provider complies with all procedures recommended by the vehicle manufacturer
• The service did not void the statutory warranty

The above facts imply that a competent service centre can do a new car’s inspection and repair without any risk of voiding the warranty offered by the vehicle’s manufacturer. However, an individual who opts to have his or her car overhauled by another entity rather than the dealer must be careful in their choice. The car owner should make sure the service centre maintaining the vehicle is qualified, certified, and also trusted. Most important, the vehicle handbook must be stamped to show a record of regular maintenance.

Why are auto service centres the better choice?

Maintenance and repairs done by a firm that focuses exclusively on this task are better than those done by a dealer. A vehicle dealer’s workforce major concern is assembling or preparing new cars to be sold, selling and undertaking routine warranty repairs. On the other hand, a competent service centre concentrates strictly on maintenance.

Repairs and preventive maintenance can be done at different levels depending on the vehicle type, use and the service provider’s competence and sincerity. Below are some of the services that any self-respecting auto garage should offer to clients.

Any basic tune-up service that is carried out in a vehicle must incorporate the following:

• Full engine tune using electronic diagnostic equipment
• Replacing necessary parts
• Doing adjustments according to manufacturer’s specifications
• Recording of final data
• Returning old parts

An ultimate lube and tune-up service for any vehicle must include:

• Full lube service
• Full engine tune using electronic diagnostic gadgets
• Replacing necessary parts
• Carry out adjustments according to the manufacturer’s specifications
• Recording final data
• Returning old parts
• Full safety checking
• A full written report

Given the global concerns about fuel emissions, every vehicle owner should have some eco-friendly services done on the vehicle to reduce fuel consumption and harmful emissions. They include:

• Full lube service
• Full diagnostic equipment test
• Analysis of readings
• Replacing necessary parts and making final adjustments
• Recording final settings
• Returning old parts

High-mileage vehicles require minor maintenance regularly even when they seem to be in normal condition. The following services will guarantee a driver to get wherever he or she is going.

• Full lube service
• Wheels removal, inspection and brakes adjusting
• Underbody inspection, including Exhaust System, Steering, Suspension and Tyres
• Full safety checking
• A full written report

Regular checking, servicing and looking after a car will cut down fuel costs. It can also improve safety, keep long term repair and service costs down, reduce the car’s pollution levels, and improve car’s resale value. People or company that owns a fleet of vehicles should have them repaired and maintained by the same service provider. These will reduce the chances of a different service provider that may not be qualified or certified, thus making the statutory warranty void.

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