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The Popularity of Granite Countertops

Imagine you are in the market for a nice new stone countertop for your kitchen. How do you make your pick? Which material will withstand the heat and the scratches, while also being aesthetically pleasing, go well with the rest of the room, and provide you with an ambiance of warmth and comfort by its sheer presence? Which one would not cost you an arm and a leg? Which one is unique, just like your home and yourself? The answers to all these questions will be diverse, and such materials as diamonds, rubies and sapphires would be the first to come to mind. Why? Because these are the three most resilient stones in the world – but if you are not interested in investing in an ostentatious diamond kitchen countertop, your next choice should be granite countertops.

Why go with natural stone?

Granite countertops would be the reasonable choice of a homeowner interested in having a comfortable and beautiful kitchen setting, and the choice between a natural stone and an artificial one is a no-brainer. Artificial stones will never look as beautiful and warm as natural ones, and granite countertops will always stand head-and-shoulders above any artificial surface, no matter how well designed. One of the most spectacular features of granite countertops is that each and every one of them is completely unique, just like you. The composition of granite, which includes various minerals in infinite combinations and proportions, ensures that no one granite slab or granite countertop is much similar to the rest. Just imagine this – your kitchen could be one of the manifestations of the special character of yourself and your family. You cannot manufacture that. An artificial stone would always have a repeated pattern somewhere, its color would always be a copy of another, and this means that no matter how hard you try, there will always be another countertop looking exactly or almost exactly like your own.

Will granite countertops go well with my home?

Granite has been used as a trusted material for centuries and even millennia. Both inside and outside of the home, even a little splash of granite has the potential of turning an otherwise unremarkable space into a warm and inviting one. Granite countertops are currently (by far) the most frequent use for this natural stone, for all the reasons mentioned above. It goes well with anything. It is resistant to water, heat and scratch damage. It simply looks great – just check out any premium kitchen design catalogue, and there you will find them, the beautiful granite countertops in the best kitchens of the world. Granite comes in different colors, shades, textures, and overall “feels”. When browsing through a granite warehouse near you, make sure to touch some of the stones and see how they energize you. The prevalence of high quality granite countertops is there for a reason – this natural stone makes your kitchen look great beyond anything you could imagine. See it for yourself today! You will not regret it one bit.

Our huge selection of stones at Pacific Shore Stones means you’ll get the Granite countertops that you’ve always wanted. Our Memphis facility houses an assortment of stones such as granite, travertine, marble, slate, soapstone, and onyx from around the world, including traditional core colors and extravagant exotics for those customers looking for stones as unique as their own designs. To know how granite countertops are installed, you may also visit Wikihow.

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