The Popularity of Growers Markets in Australia

Aside from being considered as a noble career, cultivating and marketing organic vegetables, fruits and other edible crops is also a profitable business venture in any parts of the world. Almost all of us are aware that these plants are human’s primary sources of food, drink, medicine and even most of our clothing materials are made up of plants which we can get by growing various seeds through farming.

Indeed, farming is an essential part of our lives because without it, we will not be able to reap fresh ingredients which our body needs in order to be healthy. If we think of a region in the whole world that highly supports the growers market, Australia is one of those that can make it in the top of our list.

The relevance of the farmer’s market in the society of Australia can’t be denied. And like other industries which make up its whole identity and culture, the continuous rise of farming and growers market is a proof that the Australians know how to appreciate this noble and profitable profession despite the modernization and other technological advancement that their country has to offer.

Brief Overview of Australia’s Growers Markets Humble Beginning

Growers markets started when Australia joined the first worldwide movement of farmers’ markets during the urbanization of agriculture and popularity of supermarkets. In 1995, the first growers’ market in Sydney was opened by Elizabeth Taylor at French Forest.

Taylor, being known as one of the proponents of the farmers markets also opened England’s first farmers markets in 1992. It was called as the Spitalfields Markets. By the time she decided to move in Australia, she left an impressive legacy by spearheading and establishing 400 markets in United Kingdom in the spirit of Spitalfields. Its victory was carried over in Australia through over 100 farmers markets which opened across the region in 1995.

The success of the farmers’ markets can also be attributed to the initiative of the local government in monoculture as well as the promotion of events and worthy causes in television. This began growers’ markets popularity and expansion. Because of this, additional acts like live entertainment were implemented to get larger audiences and crowds.

The Pioneer Growers Markets in Australia

In 1995, some of the front-runner markets that are known in Australia were the French Forest Markets and the Pyrmont Growers’ Market. Get to know them by reading further.

French Forest Market – is one of the oldest and established markets in Sydney which is held every Sunday morning at the Parkway Hotel car park. The yellow labeled signs to know the difference between organic and conventional farming methods are one of the trademarks of this market.

Pyrmont Growers Market – popularly called as the favored market of the “localvores” or those who seeks out fresh produce that has traveled minimal food miles, this market features over 85 stalls which range from homegrown veggies, meats and cheeses.

Today, the grower’s market industry in Australia continues to evolve as one of the highlights and culminating events of the region to attract tourists, residents and alike. In addition, it is also known as a global event because it showcases the unique and seasonal produce of each region.

However, the challenge still remains the same; and that is to uplift the spirit of this industry and to keep them alive because it serves as a very important link in Australia’s past and the key to their future generation’s progress.