The Power of Words

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We all learned this at school.   A kid would say; “You know what Jody did?”   or “Tommy said….”  and the ‘whole world’ would hear and know and react.

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As we grow up we stop making ‘public service’ announcements.  We fume, we stress, and when we become so angry we are almost ready to explode, (our blood pressure off the chart) we say;  “Miss Jody had the nerve to….”    Or  “Mr. Thomas actually said…”

You can see the difference in these two scenarios.

In the first, ‘a kid’ was as calm as clay when the announcement was made.  We, who suppress the information, are ready for the psych ward.

The power of word can not be denigrated.  And should be used.

My ex-boss didn’t pay me for days worked.  I told everyone. I would insert it into every conversation, hoping (and knowing) it would get back to him.

He, being stupid, didn’t realise that this is how I play it.  I chat.  I chat without pause, without fear.  If it is true, I will tell everyone.  Especially those I know have oral diarrhoea.

Now it is worth more than the money he owes me to chip away his ‘good name’.   Not that he has one, but just in case anyone didn’t know this about him, they know now.

The biggest mistake we make is to hold things inside of us.  It doesn’t do us any good.  By letting it out, by becoming known as person who will chat, we are protected.

Don’t shake your head, don’t get an attitude.  Just think for one moment what would happen if your boss, for example, knew, that you ‘walk and talk?’

Would he force you to work late knowing that you would tell everyone in creation?

Would he chip coins off your pay packet if he knew you were going to tell the world?

So what if he says;  “I can’t trust you!”

If you have to doubt my trust, what are you doing to me that requires this kind of secrecy?

Most oppressors, whether they are landlords, parents, spouses, bosses, don’t want to hear their ‘dirty business’ on the street.

If you develop an innocent look, when you are confronted;

“Why did you tell everyone?”

Here’s your answer;  “I didn’t know it was a secret.  Why shouldn’t I tell people that you didn’t pay me?”

Although you might feel uncomfortable at first, learn to talk.  If your current boss overhears;  “Oh, I used to work for Mr. Lorn but he was so cheap….”   he will know that you can say the same thing about him.  And you will.

Many women, who feel their boyfriends are going to beat them, will often make him hear her tell someone, “Well, you know if he ever raises a hand to me, you will be the second to know, the first will be the police.”

One of the things about Evil, it likes the dark.  It likes silence.  It likes to hide.  When Evil knows you will turn on the lights, you will open the microphone and there is no place to hide, Evil tends to dissipate.


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The Power of Words, Seekyt
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