The power of your inner strength and connectedness

One of the ways in which you develop your talent and those of the people you manage is through connectedness. Things always happen for a reason and by a reason. You are sure of it. You are also sure about it and also aware because deep in your soul and heart you know we are all connected. Yes, we are all individuals who have our own free wills and ability to take judgmental calls whenever required, but nonetheless we are part of something that is larger. I know some people will call it collective consensus or you can label it free spirit or even life altering force. But whatever your word of choice is, you always draw confidence from the fact that we are not isolated beings from one and other and not just to people but also surroundings.

This feeling of connectedness brings in the factor of responsibility. You will now have to be responsible for the irresponsibility of various beings in your day to day work. This draws from the fact that, if we are all part of the larger picture then we must not harm it. Any harm done to the system is harm done to us. We must not exploit because that would mean exploiting ourselves. This awareness will create a value system for you. You are now considerate, caring and accepting the system. For the unity of human kind you are now the bridge builder for people of various cultural backgrounds. Sensitivity to the invisible human hand and mind you can give others comfort that there is a purpose beyond our mundane life. These exact articles of faith will draw from your upbringing and your strong culture, but your faith is always strong. It is this faith that sustains you and your close friends to tackle all the life mysteries and hardships.

Here is an example of connectedness to help you understand better
“In life, I tend to be very clear about things I want and do not want. But sometimes, when I look at my lunch, I tend to remember all the people who would have helped me ear this meal. This also happens when I try to understand the mysteries of life. I have now started reading a lot of books like – bible, Gita, and Quran. This helps me understand the culture of people in those eras and the similarities they had even though they were miles apart. So much so, now I feel so connected with people when I meet them – down the hallway or at the train station”