The Present Generation are the Couriers for Future Generation

Our present generation should realize that they are the couriers of the ethical values handed down by the past generation to be passed on to the future generation as inherited assets or traditions. Our present generation is, however, stuck up in the whirlwind of western temptations and the ethical values are shaky. The traditional value of marriages is dwindling and divorces are dominating. Mentally sick are increasing and old-age homes are multiplying.

Every person is playing a role in the society as an employer, employee, businessman, artist, artisan, father, mother, son, daughter, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, thief, gambler, etc. Some roles are covered with good behavior and others with bad. To educate the future generation about what is good or bad for the society, an idea of all the roles is necessary. What should an individual do or should not, to fulfill his/her role. They are detailed in certain codes, ethical values.

Stress and strain are devouring the youth and the elders alike. Consequently, the rush for the heart-operations is on the increase. It’s pity that those with enlarged hearts are many whereas those with enlightened hearts are only a few. Religious fanaticism is dancing with martial music with its blood-stained appearance. At this critical juncture, our generation should exercise restraint and behave better with the awareness that they are accountable to the future generation.

Now-a-days movies are coming picturising them as jokes for entertainment. The central theme of certain movies including the titles, conveyed the messages of traditional values and the advantages of joint family system whereas some of the present day movies centre round the topic of what to do if one’s wife is out of station. There is a revolutionary change in the way modern youth, both ladies and gents, are dressing themselves. While the practice of entertaining relatives of guests was a happy affair according to our tradition, modern children shun the presence of outsiders in the house and impatiently ask their parents as to when the guests will leave.

Grand-mothers and Grand-fathers used to do counseling to youngsters to keep them on the right track. Since most of them have gone to old-age homes, or are living separately for various reasons, such readily available mature counseling facility is rare now-a-days. Both the parents are employed, they don’t find enough time to care for and caress the children. Consequently, youngsters are developing indifferent attitude and restlessness. The anxiety for exams and threats from parents are on the increase. So present generation are guide to the future generation.