The Problem of Leaving Christ in Christmas

Such a Contradiction

I find it very interesting that the foundation of Christmas, is the very thing desired to be eliminated from its celebration. Perplexing and contradictory. It also makes one wonder if the stress to remove Christ from Christmas is not an acknowledgment of His deity.

We know historically that Jesus Christ existed and walked on this earth, so, that is not the problem. The problem is that today’s society want the celebration of His entrance into this earth and the circumstances surrounding his entrance to vanish. Society wants to pretend that the celebration of Christmas should be without its namesake.

There are Others

Buddha existed, Muhammad existed. Celebrations surrounding or featuring them are not fought against with the same intensity. If and when they are fought against, the emphasis is not to remove Buddha and Muhammad, but to just not acknowledge any form of celebration. Unlike Christmas, where society seemingly wants to take Christ out of Christmas, but wants to keep the gift giving in.

Buddha and Muhammad have claims to deity, but the general attitude toward them is not like that toward that of Jesus Christ. Why is that? Could it be that Jesus Christ claims to deity are actually true? Could it be that the league of devils or other opposing forces are fighting to keep mankind from this knowledge?

I Just Don’t Get It

Why do those who lobby Congress, fight City Hall and file law suits find Jesus Christ and His celebration so unpalatable? It just doesn’t make sense. It just isn’t normal. There has to be something more to it.

The Analysis

Jesus Christ and His claims to deity must be true. He must be God in the flesh!

If this weren’t true, there wouldn’t be this much confusion about mangers, wise men angels, shepherds and a baby born of a virgin.


Strange, don’t you think? If Jesus Christ is nothing, then why bother with attempts to remove Him from the celebration of Christmas? If Jesus Christ is nothing, then celebrating Him through Christmas shouldn’t be a ‘big deal’.

The conclusion of the matter must be that Jesus Christ is who He says He is and should be allowed to stay as the symbol of God’s undying love for all mankind.