The Promise Ring And Its Meaning

A promise ring is a ring that is given or exchanged to recognize a promise. A promise ring has been around for centuries but the more modern connotation was introduced in the 1990’s. If the ring is intended as a promise to be faithful it is much like the high school class rings of the 1960’s which teen boys gave to their sweetheart as a commitment to be faithful to each other. It was a very big deal at the time to wear a boy’s class ring on a chain around the neck.

Reasons For A Promise Ring

There are many reasons for a promise ring. Before you give a promise ring or exchange one it must be clear exactly what is being promised. It does not imply that you are engaged to be married or even engaged to be engaged. It is simply a promise of something. It might promise you will stay sober and drug free or to be faithful to your god or church or faith. It might be a promise to stay a virgin and abstain from sexual encounters. If it is used for this purpose then the promise ring should go on the finger as soon as you have your first period. Then it is worn until you get engaged when it is removed and replaced with an engagement ring.

Where To Wear A Promise Ring

You can hang a promise ring from a chain on the neck. It can be worn on any finger of either hand. Many people wear a promise ring on the right hand ring finger however some people wear in on the left hand ring finger in the place where at some point an engagement ring or wedding ring will go. This shows a serious intent to meet the commitment.

Different Types Of Promise Ring

A promise ring does not have to be expensive or elaborate. It can be a very simple sterling silver ring or perhaps have some engraving on it. If it has a stone then it might be a birth stone. Or if two people are exchanging a promise ring they may exchange with each other their own birth stone so each is wearing the other’s birth stone. It can have the words I promise to be true or have engraving that states what is being promised. A single word like chastity conveys that promise idea clearly.