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The Pros and Cons of Private Drug Rehab

Over 500 Million Addicts Around the World Today

With the increasing number of drug addictions across the globe, it is imperative that rehab centers are established to help persons suffering these addictions and hasten the recovery process. This helps not only the individual suffering from addiction, but their family and all of society. Setting up rehab centers in not enough! These centers need to be up to the task. They need to be run professionally by experts in the field with a lot of experience in treating addictions.

Due to the need for more drug and alcohol rehab centers, these facilities seem to spring up like mushrooms after a rain. While these private centers are good alternatives to the public ones, they come with their advantages and disadvantages, some of which will be discussed below.

Benefits of a Private Drug Rehab Center

The first benefit of private drug rehab can be deduced from the name – private, meaning that you retain your anonymity. In a private rehab facility, your name is not listed on public record as “addict.” Even public facilities are required to keep your information confidential, but private drug rehab centers go a step further by taking additional steps to ensure your privacy and identity are protected. It is therefore not surprising that private drug rehab centers do not fully disclose their locations and maintain low-profile advertising techniques.

Enhancing The Recovery Process

Another benefit derived from entering a private drug rehab is the availability of necessary amenities and facilities to help enhance the recovery process. Unlike public rehab, private drug rehab centers have such amenities like quality dining, workout facilities, and therapeutic horseback riding, among others, that allow patients to receive treatment in a conducive and relaxed atmosphere.

Rehab Environment

Private drug rehab centers arguably offer the best aesthetics and environment to give more than just recovery, but rejuvenation and hope to patients. It should, however , be noted that private drug rehab centers are not magic places and recovery is not instant.

Cost is Also Part of the Decision

Private drug rehab centers may have some shortcomings despite the many benefits. The cost of treatment is definitely the first disadvantage. It may be possible to compare prices with a few simple phone calls. Of course, price should not be the main factor in choosing a rehab facility, but it should factor into the overall decision.

The acceptance process can be cumbersome, even for some not-for-profit drug and alcohol rehab facilities. If you are paying for a detox facility until there is an opening in the rehab center, you may be paying thousands of dollars just until you begin treatment.

Besides the cost involved, difficulty in discovering the locations of these centers is another drawback. And while undisclosed locations can be of advantage when considering privacy, the difficulty in finding them can be counterproductive. Private drug rehab centers are often the best option for treating drug addicts.

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