The Psychology of Buying A Car…Deciding Who Wins

A car is one of the most essential assets that any family can own. More than just a means of getting around in the city, it also serves as a vehicle that can transport you and your family to their weekend trips out of the city. Whatever the purpose of buying the vehicle, one of the most important aspects to be considered at first thought is the level of comfort that it can extend to each of the family member it will be used by.

Of course, it is not easy to satisfy every whim and fancy of all the people at the same time. However, the best measure of buying new or used cars is shopping around before deciding on the one that will suit your needs and suit your budget at the same time. With this aim in mind, it becomes easier and clearer to focus on the specifics, instead of jumping to the negotiating table for the first car that you spot.

Whether you opt for a new car or choose to buy a used car, a big city has the range of car dealers that will attend to all your needs and expectations from the car that you aim to buy. Moreover, because of the vast experience that they have in dealing with cars of different makes and models, the knowledge that they can give you is not restricted to just one particular brand or manufacturer, which is generally the case when you approach the showroom or authorized dealer that deals with a single company.

In a bid to get their hands on the choice of their car, people tend to portray a rather unusual streak of activity whether mental or physical when they seem to have decided which car they want. It is this body language that the car dealers sense and then try to talk you into buying either a expensive version of the car that you are keen to lay your hands on or to tempt you into choosing more accessories for your car than you may actually have use for.

Another aspect that many people do not take seriously and which the car dealers can make you play into their domain and eat out of their hands is when customers walk into their showrooms  decked up in their finest. Although it is okay to go well dressed to make a purchase, it is hardly a necessity unless you go for the top end models, who themselves have certain benchmarks set in stone with regards to whom they will sell their limited edition models to.

There are hundreds of cues that new or used car dealers can pick and use it to their advantage. One of them is when you enter a dealership with a portrayed intent of closing a deal. This is known as the intense intent mindset. Instead, it will help your cause if you stroll into the dealership with an intent to learn more and gain knowledge, the dealer is also forced to keep his guard down which you can then use to your advantage.