The Recent Popularity of UV Miami Tattoo Ink

Black light reactive Miami tattoo ink is becoming increasingly popular during the modern times in which we live. More people are considering adding this ink, which does not show up on the skin under normal light, but that glows incandescently under ultraviolet light. This newer wave in the surge of trendiness for this ink can be amounted to the raving echelons of popular culture, namely four subsections.

Clubbing Culture
The clubbing culture, the very same culture that brought to us the rave scene, is easily at the forefront of UV Miami tattoo ink. The interior of these clubs are typically very dark and are generally lit by UV lighting. Club goers finally can see their tattoos in the dark and brag about to them to one another.

Electronic Music
Electronic music, festivals and the rave scene are all equal contributors to the fad that is the black light tattoo ink fad. These festivals often center upon the psychedelic subculture and the many infatuations it represents. Naturally, UV reflective ink fits easily in the gambit of lasers, black lights and all-night dance parties.


The underground scene has forever paved the way to mainstream. Oddly enough, once something does traverse to the mainstream, the subculture and the underground scene banish and shun it, refusing to conform to a trend they actually created. As hypocritical as this may seem, and is, at least the underground culture can be thanked for helping to make this ink popular.

Rock and Roll
Rock and roll fans, the industry and music as a whole is all tied to the tattoo culture, and has been for many years. But it was bands like the Grateful Dead who really helped evolve back light ink with their fancy dancing bears tattoos, among many other designs, that are made to appear as if they are jumping off the skin when UV ink is applied, and when viewed under the proper lighting conditions.