The Red Jalepeno

The Red Jalapeno is story about the constant abuse suffered by Women of African decent. The women is this article are real and the majority of them were not in a position to resist the abuse due to laws passed and in place during the time continuum. The original intent of the article was to point out a few cases, it was almost as if they were waiting for someone to tell their story. And daily a new example arouse to cause me to rewrite the story of these women and to draw attention to a group of people who continue to act abusively toward Women of African origin to the degree it is has become acceptable.
During the article mention of current example are in use to show that the abuse is continuous and out of control toward both the Woman of African origin and the Man as well, especially if he is attempting to remove the Willie Lynch chip from his community and to raise the standard of thinking to a level of respect and not disdain. Oh, before I start some clarification is in order, as to why this article is titled the Red Jalapeno. First red symbolized, warning, something hot, underscore a passage to bring attention to it immediately. Red Jalapenos are used are used in a magnificent hot sauce made by the Huy Fong company of California to bring heat and to enhance the flavor of certain dishes.
However, if you remove the seeds and the rib you render the pepper bland and most people have never seen are heard of a Red Jalapeno. But if you allow one to remain on a table for a few days you will discover a green jalapeno has a variety of color both red and yellow. Now, you are observing superficial genetic of a jalapeno, now we are dealing with biology. The women in this article embody the genetic material that produces every other woman on the planet, from blue black to alpine white.
This is why her story must be told and the world will begin to give here the respect she deserves. I want to start by using current examples of the injustice system and how it works when a person does not have resources. It is a carbon copy of what took place in Europe prior to the colonization period of this country. First there was a young black woman who fell asleep in her car, in her front yard, and her parents could not wake her. They called 911 who dispatched the police who were at a birthday celebration. They arrive attempted to break the window, waking the young lady who happens to have a gun in the car. After the police discovered she had a weapon, they open fire, Next another young black woman tired of an abusive relationship files a restraining order, the order was disregarded, she fire a warning shot in the roof of her apartment.
Without going in to great details the judgment 20 years in prison. Where was Jessie Jackson and Al sharpton, she was using the stand your ground rule and another justice claims, the first justice “made a fundamental error. The next case is tragedy to the degree it is almost unbelievable. This young black child at eleven years old was thrown out of the house, befriended by a predator and forced into prostitution. She was then approached by another group of predators who caused her to believe that if she did not kill the firs predator her life is over. After some contemplation, she did kill this first predator. After all of these unfortunate incidents she receives life in prison. The governor of California commuted the sentence to 25 years with possible parole. Finally, in the state of Florida, a young woman of African origin was murdered and the jury was unable to find the person responsible for murder. But found him guilty on several other charges. The jest of the child being murdered is over loud music, an argument ensued and gunshots rang out, the girl was dead. How, and it continue where is the outcry. It appears that people of African origin are under attack, the same as the indigenous people were after all of their land was stolen, the buffalo eliminated and all of the treaty disregarded. Then they were given smallpox to eliminate them, along with integration.