The return of winter sports: What do I do for my care ‘special ski’?

To take full advantage of the joys of skiing without finding any crimson with sunburn or dry because of the cold, we bought a whole range of specific treatments for skiing. But once back from our week, the bottles are still half full. We did what? Here are some ideas to reuse it every day!

What do I do with my sunscreen factor 50 or 50 +?
Shelf life: 6 to 8 months after maximum.
Good plan: No way to throw his sunscreen “special ski” as soon as the holidays are over! It reuses upon return of sunny days especially if the skin (at a breakfast terrace with colleagues, for example). And an early exposure to the sun by the sea to avoid sunburn!

What do I do with my hands cream anti-cracks?
Conservation: Not more than 12 months after opening.
Bargain: The skin of the hands is 4-5 times more sensitive than the face. Often neglected, yet the hands need to be pampered especially when it is cold. After his return from skiing, so we continue to implement at least 1 time per day until temperatures rise.
And it is also used as a cream for the feet! The trick: 1 times a week, we apply a generous layer in the evening and put on a pair of socks … The next day, our feet have found a second youth!

What do I do with my lipstick with UV protection?
Conservation: To not alter its properties, it is stored away from heat and sun and do not keep more than 12 months after opening.
Tip: Just as the hands, the skin of the lips is very thin and therefore sensitive to external aggressions. Skiing, we therefore drew his moisturizing balm with SPF to protect from sun and cold. Not bother to put it in his closet back! On the spring when the sun rears its nose for optimum protection but also to the pool, the beach and even sport because it is highly resistant to water.