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The Right Bead Containers Will Keep You Organized

You may not need bead containers yet when you start working with beads. You only buy one or a few bead types and you get them in zip lock bags or strands. After you’ve created your first piece, you simply tie knots on the strands or zip the bag back and throw them, along with your other jewelry supplies, in another bag. In your next project, you repeat the process. It won’t be long and the bag where you put your zip lock bag and the strands of beads won’t be able to hold them anymore.

You start getting signs that you need bead containers when you can’t find jewelry supplies that you bought and already have, but they’re just somewhere within the bag, perhaps in the bottom. This tells you that you need to get organized. After all you’ve been crafting for quite a length of time now and you have with you all those tiny pieces of beads and findings, all those lengths of jewelry wires, and all those tools. It’s time that you find those containers to store and display everything; do it before you find your beads everywhere – on the kitchen floor, in your sofa, on your work table – and before it dangerously gets swallowed by your toddler in the house, if you have one.

There are many types of bead containers to hold your beads and jewelry supplies. There are portable ones that you can carry anywhere you want to work because of handy carrying tops. To make it easy to pull beads from the compartments, you can have the containers with curved bottoms. There are also display containers that are foam-backed, making it easy for you to display your beads; and with plastic tops, so that gems and beads can be easily recognized even without opening the container. Whatever you choose will surely make your beading life easier. But how do you choose the appropriate ones?

Before buying bead containers for your beads and other jewelry supplies, it’s a good idea to first give it some thought. Coming up with a plan will also be helpful. If you just buy the first container that you see when you search for it, you will just be wasting your money when you find later that it is not the right container for your needs. If you will be buying multiple types of beads in multiple strands, you should consider the sizes and quantity that you can expect to put in order in preparation for your mass-producing of jewelry.

The Space That You Have

One other factor is the amount of space that you have for the bead containers. If you are doing your bead work on a dining table and you have to put all the jewelry supplies out at night so you can eat on the table, the best option is the suitcase type or the rolling tackle box organizer. Place it where you are bead working, roll them somewhere in the house when you’re finished, or when you need the work table for other tasks.

Meanwhile, if you have a larger space, say a room or a studio that you have dedicated to bead working, perhaps you can think of adjustable shelves or book cases will do great as your bead containers that will hold your beads and jewelry supplies. They need to be fastened to your room wall.

The Quantity and Sizes of the Beads

There is a wide range of options that will allow you to match the bead containers to the quantity and sizes of the beads that you have. The fishing tackle boxes offer the flexibility and safety. They have dividers that can be removed and replaced according to the needed space. For safety feature, these containers close securely, so that when accidentally knocked off the table, your beads and jewelry supplies will not scatter to the floor.

Another type of the bead containers is the organizer cabinets that have removable drawers and can have all small or all large drawers or a combination of both. You remove only the drawer that contains the jewelry supplies that you need on a given design and put it on your work table. You do not need to move the entire cabinet to where you are working. If you need to take 2 or more drawers, you can have them fastened to the wall, stacked on top of one other.

For small quantity and small sizes of beads, there are small bead containers that are also available on the market. Just do a Google search to find the websites that sell containers for your jewelry supplies, including beads.

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