The Right Equipment for Cell Culture Storage and Use

Having the right equipment is very important no matter what the job is. Many have heard the expression ‘right tool for the right job’ this applies throughout life. The more complex the job the more important having the right equipment becomes especially in science and biology. Specifically with cell culture it is mandatory that you use the proper, professional grade, clean and dependable laboratory equipment and glassware. These samples may deteriorate or become tainted by outside sources. So quality, customer service, and dependability are very important when it comes to purchasing lab equipment for cell culture and other projects in the lab.

Cell culture, in short terms is the growing of natural cells in an unnatural environment and watching how they act to different variables. With cell culture tissue is taken and then watched closing under different amounts of humidity, temperature, and variable gaseous atmospheres. This process allows us to determine how cells act and respond to different scenarios. This helps us cure diseases and prevent future or new diseases from spreading. Many different kinds of equipment are involved in this process, and help control the different scenarios we can put the cells through. So the quality of this equipment is very critical to getting accurate results.

Quality equipment is a must in the lab especially when it comes to cell cultures. If you don’t have expert quality equipment you could be putting yourself and your team in grave danger. Cell cultures like previously stated are used to asses disease, now let’s say you have a laminar flow hood from a cheaper company and you’re working on an air transmitted disease. What would happen if it failed? The whole team or even lab could possibly become contaminated, and depending on the severity of the disease everyone could end up dead. So quality should always be at the top of your list. To go along with this the quality of your equipment could also determine the life span of your sample. If the sample is contaminated by an outside source due to faulty equipment you could possibly be out of days, weeks, or maybe even months of work. Nobody likes to back step especially when it comes to work.

The Dependability of your equipment is just as critical as the quality. If your equipment fails you will lose your sample and many other risks will be involved. Dependable equipment is a must to get accurate long term results of any cell culture. Let’s say you’re using an incubator to control the temperature of your cell culture, if it cannot keep a steady temperature then your information is that much less accurate. This could lead to all sorts of problems from a medicine that doesn’t work to a spoiled sample that is no longer useful which will lead to more work in the future. The point being make sure you equipment is of good quality and dependable to make operations go smoother quicker and with less bumps along the way.

Now when one of these bumps do occur good customer service can be very useful. So when you buy lab equipment check the reviews on the company’s customer service. Good customer service can help you fix the improperly working equipment if it is a common issue with the product, replace the product or maybe even lead you in the right direction of what you need for your project. Customer service should make you feel secure with the company and its intentions with getting the right results. So all in all remember quality, customer service, and dependability get the project done with speed and accurate results.