The Right Puppy for you

There’s no doubt about it; a dog truly is man’s best friend. They’re loyal, playful, cuddly, and people who keep dogs as pets actually live longer. But if you’re out there looking into puppies for sale in Fort Lauderdale, there are naturally a few things you need to ask yourself before you decide for certain you’re going to undertake the commitment of a pup. Click here to answer some of those questions for yourself.

A Matter of Space
All puppies are small and adorable as young dogs, but be aware that many dogs do not stay small. They can get very large and will require space, so take the amount of room you have into account when deciding on a dog. It is possible to keep a large dog in a small apartment, but certain breeds are much more active than others, Keep in mind that energy level is just as important for consideration. When high-energy breeds aren’t able to get that energy out due to space constraints, they can get mischievous and sometimes destructive. These breeds can also make you feel crowded by being always following you and being under your feet. They’re best suited in at least a single family home with a fenced-in yard. Breeds with lower energy can be perfectly content lounging or laying down as you do. A walk a day is usually what they’ll require as far as exercise.

A Matter of Noise
Certain dog breeds are known to be a little noisy by nature. Smaller dogs like Chihuahuas and toy poodles can be quite frustrating to the neighbors if you happen to be in an apartment or condo. The same goes for some of the larger breeds, such as Shepherds and Dobermans. These breeds can be great watchdogs, but can result in some upset neighbors if they were to bark at everyone who walks by. This is where training comes into play. The proper training can collar excessive barking, but again, some breeds are just inherently noisy.
A Matter of Business
There is, of course, the matter of picking up after your dog. Cats have the advantage of using a litter box, and some can even be trained to use the restroom as humans do. Dogs require regular visits to the grass or puppy pads to do their business, so this goes back to the space you have available. If you have a yard or large open space where your dog can roam free and go to the bathroom at will, that is advantageous. If not, the dog will need to be taken somewhere several times a day to do so, or have his puppy pads changed regularly. A professional who has puppies for sale in Fort Lauderdale can give you all the information you need on different dog breeds.
A Decision to be Made
Having a pup can be a great joy and the best companionship you can get, but it also comes with great responsibility. Instead of falling for the very first adorable face you come in contact with, do some research, ask yourself some questions and see if you can hold up the responsibility and maintenance of having a furry one around.

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