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Pros and Cons of Online Dating –

The term “cyber relationships” means a virtual connection that occurs between two people who utilize an online social medium to interact. For instance, social media’s like E-Harmony, Facebook, MySpace among others. It refers to any media that allow people to search for individuals with the requirements to start an online relationship. Cyber relationships take place either over the internet, via email, social networks, chat rooms or instant messages (IMs), rather than by face-to-face or telephone.

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The culture of online relationships, therefore, has grown into a subculture where individual feel that interpersonal bond is an online norm. Nowadays you find people of all backgrounds and ages seeking compatibility over online websites that encourage a haven for personage personalities to express themselves. However, relationships form each day with new and improved social media since now there are methods that are used to regulate privacy and conduct to defend people.

The truth about online dating/ cyber relationships

Cyber Affairs are of the many types and relationships, and all seem to be growing through social media networks. The cyber affairs idea is to create this mental relationship that lead to an actual physical relationship that are based on the longevity of their interest. So, it is the communication that plays a big part in the way person’s use words to convey their feelings about the other person including how they affect them.

In scenarios of real date individuals dressed to impress, whereas cyber relationship (online dating) we only find ourselves intellectually prepared to ask and respond. Hence, the online dating poster is through the use of our personality, and it will only be the image that we draw through the use of our rhetoric and language. The dating incident comes with emotional and physical aspects, but the cyber relationship and dating done through the exchange of feelings, thoughts, attitude, and opinions.

The Risks and Rewards of online dating

The online dating community does offer a lot of advantages. According to the dating experts from the European famous dating site Erodate – the most valuable thing is that it lets people chat and get to know each other prior meeting. It will let them ask some serious questions necessary before any attraction or emotions sets in and clouds your judgments. Besides, It also lets you get rid or “block” those people who are negatively pursuing you or those not found suitable.

There is a broader range of people to view the online website and cyber relationship. While most profiles analyze the person only in their best light, as they see themselves, how they answer questions and if there is a sense of continuity on the dating site will let you judge their trustworthiness.

One of the advantages of online dating is that it gives you time to think about the other person at hand, chat with them, and even going ahead and asking questions before a serious relationship starts. Therefore, this should not be given a gift up. For the case of women, time can save you from getting in touch with a lot of men who appear to be a prince, but instead turn out to be a frog. Many of the experiences of online dating and the cyber relationship will cause you to reflect on what you need in a relationship. There is no reason to rush. Take your precious time.

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Moreover, online dating rewards you with the chance to set your boundaries prior to meeting someone. It is very easy to take a stand on your interior beliefs, family issues, and moral view and share your life history before you meet someone. Usually, there is one degree of separation in an online dating community. It reduces the chance of hurt feelings and confrontation.

Another reward is that online dating sites are just but fun. Where else can you comfortably and safely explore all your possibilities? You can enlarge your vision of what a good woman/ man is. A lot of people cheat themselves by believing in whatever they see in profiles. You should explore the whole site. There is as much excitement on the trip as there is in the relationships.

Online dating has got some dangers; For instance, all sociopaths are very different. Some might wait for the perfect prey while the rest only target someone that has been victimized and lonely and vulnerable. Don’t rush and if in case you find yourself, Rushing, then Take a deep breath, and take a step backward, as you are the perfect target for a sociopath.

Be very aware of the Internet Dating Red Flags; Especially those with the majority of online activities, multitudes of legitimate users are well interspersed with con artists who are only eager to capitalize the opportunity to scam victims out of personal information and cash. Among the dating red flags to note are;

The Limited availability of an individual; Is the individual only available during certain days or certain times for online calls or conversation? Be very concerned if they are not able to arrange their schedule to meet you.

Offers conflicting or limited information; these include identification (names and addresses).

The talks about money; Be careful about scammers who talk about money and financial help to purchase transportation ticket to have your first offline meeting. If any potential date request for money, then do not hesitate to report that person to any online dating community.


It is important to keep in mind that online dating is used as a resource to meet with individuals for ultimate face-to-face dating. So, keeping that goal in mind will avert you from becoming stuck on the limitations and drawbacks of dating online. Hence, if you get puzzled, the best next step is at all times to move an interaction toward a date. On the other hand, if you are overwhelmed with the access to too many choices, then discover a way to narrow them down and find ideal better matches.

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