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The Role of Arabic Language for an Expat in the United Arab Emirates

Millions of people visit and stay in the United Arab Emirates each year for employment and business purposes due to the rapidly growing economy of the country. The number of expatriates in the country and new multinational organizations has increased significantly in the recent few years. Anyone who works in the country will tell you that the Arabic language plays an essential role in personal and professional development. Arabic is the national language of the country and all official documentation relevant to government and business departments of the government are in Arabic.

It is essential that people who come to Abu Dhabi and Dubai have a basic understanding of the language or have access to people or organizations that can perform translation for essential documents. The Emirati population prefers local language and organizations that want to grow within the local environment need to communicate with the local population in Arabic.

Role of Understanding and Comprehending communications in Arabic

The local population prefers to speak in their own language as they are more comfortable in speaking Arabic as compared to English or any other language. It is therefore essential for all workers and organizations working in the country to have a basic understanding of the most common words and phrases used by the Emirati people. If you can understand and comprehend communications in Arabic you can cater to the needs or demands of suppliers, customers, superiors, and government officials. People and organizations that are able to interpret and understand the vocal and written messages in Arabic are far more successful as compared to their counterparts who have no understanding of the language and require Arabic interpreter services. You can only excel in UAE if you understand the basic messages conveyed in Arabic.

Role of Writing and Portraying Communications Effectively in Arabic

Writing and sending messages in Arabic is also important but only a handful of expatriates and foreign organizations working in the country are able to write and send messages or emails to Emiratis in an effective manner. Although a lot of people are able to understand the local language they have difficulties in speaking and writing to the local coworkers or superiors, suppliers, customers, and government representatives. The legal documentation in the country is also in Arabic and using the correct words, phrases, and sentences that comply with the correct laws, rules, and regulations is of utmost importance. This is why many organizations select professional services for legal translation and translator in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Things to look for before Selecting a Specific Translation Service

Translation of legal documents not only requires excellent command over the local language but awareness and grasp over the local legal nomenclature and terminology is also a necessity. There are three important things you should look for before selecting a specific company for your translation requirements. First, ensure that the local authorities and government acknowledge the company and any documents translated by the company will be accepted without any issues. Second, evaluate the skills, expertise, experience, and proficiency in local and foreign language of the people you get your translations from. Third, make sure that all the legal documents translated by the service will be free from errors along with the appropriate validation and certification for acceptance and approval in relevant government departments.

Summary: Arabic is the national language of UAE and it is important that all workers and organizations that work in the country understand the language or have access to excellent professional translators. The professional interpreters or translators can help you in communicating with the local audience in an effective manner.

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