The Sad Story of Expertscolumn

At the start of 2013 the publishing site Expertscolumn was the rage. Where other sites
were losing viewers by the trailerload, it was gaining. Where other sites were collapsing
and closing, it was expanding.

Writers joined en masse and published and made their $5.00 and got their payouts without
the slightest difficulty.

There was no ‘downside’.

Then, in May the site closed for some sort of ‘maintenance’ or ‘restructuring’ and was promised
to return in September.

No new articles would be accepted, but what was already published would remain, for the
writers could not delete their items.

Most of the members didn’t panic. They trusted the site. They believed what they were told.
They didn’t fret that their items were earning money for the site, for they assumed, when it
returned, they’d share in the profits.

At the beginning of September there was a notice that the site would return in six days. The users accepted this ‘extention’.

But Expertscolumn never returned.

Oh, there are those who continued to write messages to each other, and believe that sooner or later the site will be back up, better than ever.

Then as a few began to grumble, even that closed to be replaced by an attractive page no one can access.

The minority realised the site was the kind of Scam that is only imagined. A scam in which those who have been ripped off defend and support their Scammer.

If you have written on the ‘Net for a few years, you know about Scams. You may have been in the Factoidz Ponzi. You may have participated in the Helium competitions, and you may have been lured into Bubblews by one of the many shills, and now steam because you haven’t gotten your various ‘redemptions’ and the owners don’t answer emails or ‘contact us’.

But there never has been a Scam like Expertscolumn.

A site that takes your work, earns on your work, and tells you that it is only ‘temporarily’ off line, when such was planned, and executed with the finess of a ballerina.

You will sooner see the tooth fairy than you will the return of Expertscolumn.