The Sears Pot Belly Stove – It's Back!

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Remember the old vintage Sears Roebuck pot belly stove? It’s back! A lot of people love the retro-designs of the past. People have many reason for choosing vintage furniture or appliance for use in their homes. There are those who think most modern design lack style and uniqueness. They feel that having something different that you don’t see everywhere is a way to express their individuality. Others who like the Sears Roebuck pot belly stove think that they are stylish and will last forever.

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You will not be able to walk into many high street stores and find Sears Roebuck pot belly stove. For those who don’t know what these are, here is a little explanation. These stoves are cast iron stand-alone unit used for cooking and heating. They are called pot belly stove because seeing one will remind you of a person with a pot belly. There are those who are trying to get rid of theirs because they no longer have the space or the interest in maintaining their pot belly stove. There are others who are now living in built up areas and no longer have easy access to wood and coal. Still others feel it is far more convenient to have central heating and gas for their cooking needs. However, it doesn’t mean these stoves are no longer being used or are no longer valuable.

If you are interested in buying a vintage Sears Roebuck pot belly stove that has been refurbished to its former glory, GoodTimeStove is one of the best places to get what you need. The fact that these stoves are old doesn’t mean you will be able to walk away with one for under $100. You need to either bring along your credit card or have $3000 to $5000 in cash. These stoves are not cheap but they look really elegant and will give you a taste of life before modern amenities became widespread.

If you have a cottage or a house with wooden beams, adding a pot belly stove can give the decoration a true authentic feel. The above mentioned site also has pictures of how people are currently using their stoves. Because you will be burning wood or coal, you need to put an outlet to evacuate the smoke. Most stoves from this era have an opening at the top that will allow you to attach a metal conduct as chimney. The Sears pot belly stove is still a great, cheap option for heat.

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The Sears Pot Belly Stove – It's Back!, Seekyt
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