The Sears Scratch and Dent Warehouse – My Experience

Great Appliances for Less Money

The Sears scratch and dent warehouses have been instrumental in buying appliances in two different homes for me. In both instances, I visited the clearance outlets with specific items I need that weren’t included with the homes I purchased. I was very happy with the results each time. When it was all said and done, I saved hundreds of dollars (maybe thousands) each time. Listed in this article are simply my personal experiences with shopping out the outlet centers and why I won’t hesitate to shop there again if I need scratch and dent appliances. The Sears warehouses have served me well.

  • What I Bought

Both times I went shopping for new appliances, I needed a refrigerator. In both cases, I selected a Kenmore side by side with freezer. I would say I saved $300 on each, although I believe they were advertised at a greater savings. I take a little off since I could have bought them on sale and not at full price almost anytime. It was still a great value. In addition to this, between the two trips, I bought one chest freezer, one washer and dryer, and a nice electric range/oven. All of them served me very well. I am a fan of the Kenmore brand, so buying at the clearance centers and scratch and dent warehouses through Sears has served me well.

  • Why I Suggest Them

I’m not trying to offer a pitch for them, but in both cases, I found the service to be great. I was lucky enough not to need any form of delivery, so the savings were even more substantial. The discounts are pretty deep on most of the items. The sales person was very open with me and told me one of the units was a customer return that was reconditioned. It still came with the full warranty, but I decided to go with a different washer in the end. It was a great experience.

  • A New Alternative

If you are considering buying the Sears scratch and dent warehouse or clearance outlet center, you have a really good alternative. You can now buy the appliances online, through the company website, where you can get the same great savings you would through the outlets. Of course, if you aren’t nearby shipping will cost you a lot, but if you have a location near you, it’s a great way to save time and shop with convenience.

If you are looking for appliances, I would suggest trying a Sears scratch and dent warehouse near you.