Many facial hair styles exist, peoples tests vary depending on ones intentions whether it is to cover up flaws or to enhance strong features. Whichever the reason, the following are some of the most common facial hair styles:


This style derives its name from goat; it is growth of hair on the chin only. It is ideal for guys with round faces because it prolongs the face.


This is similar to Van Dyck (facial hair styles in which the mustache is worn with a goatee but they are not connected). In balbo the shape of the goatee is an upside down T.


In this style hair runs from side burn along the jaw line to connect at the chin. It resembles a chin strap and is usually kept trim; it can be worn with or without mustache.

Circle Beard (Door Knocker)

This is where the mustache and the chin beard are linked at the side of the mouth. It should be kept short otherwise it may add weight in addition to lengthening your face.

Five O’clock shadow

This refers to after shave hair that grows in the course of the day after a morning shave. It is closely related to heavy and light stubble facial hair styles with the difference being how heavy hair growth is. Five O’clock shadow gives a rugged look and is ideal for a face that has a soft bone structure that does not need a razor.

These facial hair styles need to be properly cared for and maintained using appropriate hair care products. Amongst the products that can be used are kerasoft hair care products; it is available for any kind of hair from black, afro -textured to curly facial hairs. This product enhances the look of many facial hair styles as it is available in many compositions.

One of the unique facial hair styles seen recently is where there is longest hair on the framework of the face but short at the rest of the head. This season may see this trend continue especially in the East African countries due to the general like of the style