The Second Horsemen

The Second Horsemen is a novel by Kyle Mills. I have enjoyed Mills’ previous works including The Immortalists, Darkness Falls and his Covert One series he writes under Robert Ludlum’s banner. The Second Horsemen is about career criminal Brandon Vale. Brandon is a genius and can break into just about anything. He is non-violent and has never hurt anyone or even threatened anyone in his life. Brandon has never been caught but he is currently in prison after being framed for a crime he did not commit.

Second Horsemen by Kyle MillsSuddenly one night he is broken out of prison against his will. A former boss has a lucrative proposal for him. He wants Brandon’s help stealing a semi-truck filled with money leaving Las Vegas. Estimated to be around $250 million dollars, it is a crime only Brandon Vale can commit. Brandon does not have much of a choice considering the FBI is looking for him after his prison escape so he teams up with the beautiful Catherine and plans the robbery of the century.

From here the plot gets wilder and wilder. It seems the former boss, Richard Scanlon who is a retired assistant director of the FBI, wants the money to buy twelve nuclear warheads from a group of Ukrainian criminals. Terrorists get involved along with the Israelis, the National Security Advisor to the President and the President of the United States himself. The action is fast paced and the dialogue is written very well. It is an enjoyable book that you will not want to put down.

I liked The Second Horsemen although I do not think it is one of Kyle Mills’ better works. The plot ends up getting crazier and crazier and did not draw me in after a while. The first half of the book is great, maybe a 8 on a scale of 1 to 10. The second half of the book dropped down to a 5 for me. Still enjoyable but no longer a book I could not put down. I would recommend The Second Horsemen especially if you have enjoyed Mills’ other work. Brandon Vale is a fun and easy to read character that I hope to see again in a future novel.