The Secret of Best Cook

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Winners are those people who face the challenges and overcome it. Likewise best cook are those who keep in learning and doing the art of cooking. They make all possible methods, strategies and skills to get and achieve the finest food out of cooking raw ingredients.

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If you are a cook in a certain restaurant for almost long period of time and you realize that you still need to get more and perfect your work. Then, you must be seeking for the best. You can only find it if you will follow some tips. First you must learn to observe your work. Check if it is well organized. If there is something which needs to be replaced or change, then make changes. Remember that it must be changed for the better. Then, find someone to critic your work performance. You can ask one of your trusted worker or assistant. Tell him to give the honest comment or feedback in your work. Once they told you, your cook is quietly not doing well, then there’s a need for improvement.

Take time to attend various cooking workshops, seminars, forum and actual demonstrations by known chefs and food experts. Bring your concerns or queries to the forum so that it will be properly address and answer will be given to update your knowledge. Change yourself from traditional style to a more conventional way of cooking. Apply the new learning and modify cooking techniques suited to the restaurant where you work. Educate and orient your assistant and workers for the changes you want to make. Inform them the reason and the advantages for such changes especially for the menu and list of recipes you plan to use. Stay focus in your cooking responsibilities and be open to gain wisdom in your work. Years of experience are your advantage and therefore you are going to make use of that to get the best of change and opportunities for your personal and professional growth. Then, focus in your work.

The secret of a best cook depends on the food preparation, food recipe, experience, skills and style of the chef. The years of experience you achieve in your cooking career gives you the best lesson to grow and develop your cooking abilities. Now you must inculcate and adapt modern cooking styles yet you can still use your old cooking method as long as it’s doing well. If you want to be the best cook, then you must always sharpen your skills by being innovative, creative, artistic, resourceful and extraordinary in cooking. Be open to all aspect of your cooking style and cooking habit. Give just enough confidence with yourself and try to be competitive with other chef in order to see the level of your progress in cooking.

Encourage and constantly motivate yourself that you can be the best cook. You will make it and you can do it. You can start by practicing the accuracy and checking your speed every time you cook. Know the best technique on how to cook quickly and accurate yet look good and taste exceptional. Love every minute you cook and find satisfaction for every food you are cooking.

Fall in love in cooking and you must have a forever commitment to inspire you to cook for more and more nutritious, delicious and palatable in the eyes of everybody. Best cook are those who have experience and cooking abilities greatly reflect on their cooked foods. Excellent cook are those who have the ability to convince and get the taste of anyone to crave for his cooked foods even if it is put near at the same foods cooked by other chef.

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The Secret of Best Cook, Seekyt
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