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The secret of most read post on a blog

The secret of most read articles most of the time is in a catchy title, learn the secrets and goes from having zero readings to many on your posts.

Ever happened that you went through the window of a bakery and saw on display a cake that looked extremely delicious, could not resist the temptation, and what did you buy?

Another example (and this is definitely much more explicit) probably ever happened to you that you are queuing in the supermarket waiting for your turn to pay, and you see the magazines on display, right there next to the box, you already have your wallet in hand, and you can not leave without knowing if Adele is pregnant or not, or if Jennifer Aniston had a secret meeting with Brad Pitt or not.

Well actually if you can wait to get home and what you Google, but the temptation is great and you have to have all the information and all the details when you know what is this the case? You know that makes you react that way?

The wording of the titles, if you can believe it’s that simple, publishers of magazines are masters in this field, and they know how to write titles they sell, titles immersive, engaging, moving titles curiosity and interest consumers.

Sometimes focusing on content, we forget the titles, but we must remember that excellent content and a title that no one feel interested in and click the read is a waste! The title of our blog posts should be like cake in the display case in the first example, that you can only read it and savor the excellence of its contents, or as immersive titles of the second example of the magazines, which will generate immediate urgency .

Write good titles is an art, but practice makes perfect, and as we are here to help you share some important tips to keep in mind of course that does not mean that you should concentrate only on titles and forget content would you go back to buy a chocolate that advertising was advertised as the world’s most delicious tastes like tomato and then? Of course not, never take that risk, the excellent title is a reflection of great content, but will be more loss than profit, I can assure you.

Also we can not ignore that most of our readers will come through social networks or search engines, where only the titles, and rarely a small part of the article, so the same should include whether or keywords, ignore keywords is threatening the art of creating good titles, and I assure you it is something that many would have liked to discover and apply before in our blogs.

The secret of good titles for your blog posts

Title interesting and engaging

Straight to the point and concise works yes! titles that clearly and simply reflect the content of the publication of course that is the right way to think of a title, but add some creativity and originality to it, it works even better, a touch, a spark to leave a trail of curiosity , of interest, uncensored capture public attention.

Mix objectivity, insight and creativity to create unique titles.

Do not sell for a ride

Avoid cheating, do not want to be accused of lying for the sake of trying to put a catchy title, is more damage than benefit it can do to your blog, and remember that being part of social networks your readers speak about what you write and much, the word of mouth recommendation, is still important and one of the most effective ways to get new audience, so keep in mind that honesty is paramount.

If you write a title type bait, be sure that the content of the same is relevant.

Do not forget SEO techniques and search engine

Write titles using keywords and so your post is more easily found by search engines and hence users on the network.

Apply SEO tools is a great way to significantly increase your blog traffic, if you can combine keywords with a creative and original title you won the lottery! Remember that if the keywords should be the beginning of the title and that it should not be cluttered with keywords

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