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The Significance Of Logos. A Personalized Stamp On Your Company.

Do you see yourself as a business or a brand? Every company deserves their own signature mark.
Ever thought about what a logo means in terms of promoting, or enhancing your company?

Let’s look at the actual meaning and significance, shall we? A logo begins as a sophisticated graphic design, and as it becomes more well-known with advertising, it makes the transition from image, to a symbol of your recognition. It embodies the very company, and the quality of the organization it represents.
We perceive the logo as almost a point of reference, pointing toward a trade, item or service a person identifies as the best in its field.
For example…need something to snack on, but don’t have the time to stop and eat? If you’re anything like me, you’ll head toward a pair of golden arches Logos communicate to your customer. They differentiate your company separating it from competitors, And ideally elevating your business expertise, know-how, and capability that ranks high in the human subconscious. They signify you as a brand, as unique, original, compelling, stellar.
There has been argument over logos being a fundamental waste of time, however logos are important in their ability not just as a to link your company, but to inspire potential clientele, prompting customers to seek you out as a result of your expertise and superiority of your trade.
The perfect logos are an accumulation of these facets, as well as understanding consumer psychology and behaviour. In saying that, think how important it is to have the right logo design.

We’ve established that a logo is a direct association to the quality of your company, but it can also link positive connotations into the consumer subconscious. Apple isn’t just a piece of fruit . Its name is a suggestion of the biblical ‘tree of knowledge’. Amazon appear to have a yellow smile under the iconic word, but in actual fact the smile is an arrow that points from A-Z, telling us the limitless list of items will find.
Upon looking at the American giant FedEx logo, it’s hard to see the arrow between the E and X, but it’s there, and is a representation of moving forward into the future. The three stripes of Adidas, configured in a geometrical mountain shape, points toward the challenges that can be seen ahead, and the goals that can be achieved. Those white and blue lines that make up the IBM logo are a symbol of equality.

NBC is one of the largest watched networks on the planet. Their coloured peacock tail logo represents the six divisions of NBC, and the peacock is strategically looking right, to suggest staring into the future rather than the past. The whole idea of the peacock and its positioning is to show viewers a sense of beautiful unity, suggesting they are all in this world together. Pretty savvy, huh?
The blue bird of Twitter is recognisable on all four corners of the globe, and probably even known in microscopic, undiscovered organisms on Mars. But why a bird? Easy. Gossip. Not to mention the more sophisticated ideal of birds soaring high as they want to go, viewing their domain around them. Or flocking together with peers of similar interest. The acceptance in sameness.
In 2010, the legendary Gap store changed its logo, sparking mass outrage. Fearing for their profits, the conglomerate switched its iconic symbol back to the original, quick smart – that’s how important the connection is between your services, and pacifying the consumers subconscious.
Let’s not even get into the April fool’s joke leaked on the web, where it was announced that Mark Zuckerberg planned to change Facebook from blue to red. If it had been a true statement, I don’t doubt both Facebook and twitter sites would have crashed that day.
So what’s in a name? Everything. Dial a stamp are personalised stamp makers for businesses and individuals, and specialise in making rubber stamps, as they know how integral a brand is to a company. After all, you want people to be excited at the thought of going shopping for your shoes, clothes, cosmetics. You want potential consumers to be relieved that your services exist, or in your capacity to build, advise, beautify, bank, fly, legalize, promote, stock, create. A logo may very well be a symbol of trust.

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