The Silver Wedding

Variety is the spice of life but not for Valencia who was busy getting ready for a big wedding. The bride and groom had specifically ordered a silver themed wedding. Complimenting the gorgeous sheen of silvery white, would be pastels to form an exquisite base for a variety of versatile designs of embroidery on the table-cloths, napkins and tapestry.

Valencia had been a wedding planner since a decade but this wedding seemed to be taking a toll on her health and stress levels. Not only the bride but the groom and the entire entourage had almost taken it upon themselves to follow-up with her timely for every minute detail. There were seven bridesmaids and groomsmen respectively and their dresses were to be precisely similar. The accuracy and detail that was involved in the creation of the delicate maid of honor gown was simply striking. Each gown made in a perfect velvety texture of silver had to be complimented with the right silver earrings customized to be synchronized.

The last minute obstacle was that the silver earrings had been delivered to Valencia, designed in different patterns and sizes, some with diamond studs, others with a rhodium coating. She was left with no choice but to resort for silver earrings online. She was not an avid fan of online shopping and definitely had no desire to procure jewellery for this particular extravagant wedding online, but she was left with little choice.

A couple of phone calls confirmed that the best brand of silver earrings were available on an International website that shipped overseas within 48 hrs. She thanked heavens that the order she placed for the silver earrings online was delivered just in time for the dress rehearsal. With each silver ornament explicitly reflecting class and royalty, the troop was elated and could barely contain their excitement.

The wedding day turned out marvelously and compliments from guests and well-wishers kept pouring in. Valencia was grateful that her order for silver earrings online not only saved the day but also set a directive pitch for her future endeavors.