The Snow Outside is Frightful……

Well the snow is upon us and it is very frightful,and so not delightful let it go, let it go, let it go…. One thing i can say about it though at least my family is safe and sound at home indoors and not out in this stuff. I feel sorry for the people that have to be out in this cold. I get the pleasure and joy of letting my two year old fully experience snow for the first time, it should be interesting to see what her reaction is going to be.

I really hope that everyone had a delightful Christmas and many blessing’s to follow. I have to think in my mind why could it not have snowed yesterday instead, then it would have truly been a white Christmas. Oh well mother nature can’t always get it right i suppose. I myself rather hate cold weather, but however there are those rare few in my family that actually enjoy it.

I think my dislike of it grew over the years, you see when you are a kid you love it, because when you are in school you always have your fingers crossed hoping for a snow day. I also enjoyed the snow when i was little, because my mom and i would go out and have fun in the snow, buliding snowmen and igloos, as well as sliding down our steep bank in the back yard. I miss those times of innocence, before i knew what negative things could exsist in the world.

Childhood is the stuff of innocence, i wish the world could be a better more postive place. At least those of us that have good memories can always revisit those memories in our minds and have some peace for a little while. It is also wonderful when you have kids, because it is almost like you get to re-live your childhood through them. So maybe being snowed in is not so bad, it gives parents a chance to spend true quality time with their children. You don’t have the hussle and bussle of life beating down upon your back, for there truly is no place to be. It’s like the world can hold still for that moment, and life can be slowed down and enjoyed fully. Playing in the snow, drinking hot coco, and taking a breath…..ahh lifes precious moments…i love them so.