The system of blood groups

Here comes the summer season skirts and swimwear … and plans to be the most beautiful and scantily dressed. Among the fad diets, there is the so-called “blood group”. What is its principle? What about its advantages and disadvantages?

This plan takes into account the nutritional needs of people according to their blood group. This leads to a specific diet but a lifestyle by profile, with good and bad sides.

The principle of blood group diet

Keep the line as his blood is what offers this plan designed by a naturopath American James Adamo. In courses in spa centers in Europe, he notes that curists react differently to diet. He imagines taking into account the nutritional needs according to blood group, assuming that the blood is the main source of nutrients. His son, also a graduate naturopathic develops this hypothesis and is known for his book “4 blood groups, four diets.” Theory? Each blood type has a specific chemical composition and different antigens. Some foods have chemicals – lectins – who, consumed by bad blood, provoke the formation of antibodies by antigens. These antibodies have a negative effect on the body. Note that this is a hypothesis that has no scientific basis.

Dr. Adamo proposes a power determined by blood group and the time when they would have appeared. For him, there are four profiles. The people of blood group O, one group of men this time hunter-gatherers, those of group A, appeared at the discovery of agriculture, people in the group B – group first found among nomadic peoples – and those of group AB. This method aims to lose weight, but also to strengthen the body and slow the aging process. This is why the work of Peter Adamo provides guidance on the preferred physical activities, dietary supplements … and even lifestyle to adopt according to the profile.

Blood group system in practice

This scheme does not work in phases, like many others. It must be practiced throughout life to maintain profits. For each blood group, foods are classified into three groups: “good”, “neutral” and “avoid”. The ideal? Consuming especially beneficial foods, very little food and no food neutral to avoid.

Group O people should eat meat, vegetables and no dairy or starch and intense physical activity on a regular basis.

Those in group B should eat dairy products, green vegetables, meat, eggs but can not eat chicken, corn, peanuts and lentils. Their sport? Walking or swimming.

For group A, a vegetarian diet based on vegetables and cereals is prescribed: plenty of fruits, vegetables, grains, no meat, no beer, no dairy or beans.

People group AB can combine foods in groups A and B: they eat tofu, vegetables, fish, seafood, pineapple, but no red meat, or seeds.

Finally, all blood should remove pork, smoked salmon, rhubarb, wheat bran, coconut, ice cream, corn oils and peanuts, black pepper and vinegar …

Note: IG laboratories offer the ABO method based on the theory of blood groups: herbal therapy targeted by each blood group (plants referred draining, anti-water, anti-fat, anti-cellulite) and adequate nutrition profile of each blood group.

Advantages and disadvantages of blood group systems by

Like every diet method, the blood groups has negative sides and positive sides. Good points: This diet includes enough choice of food protein sources to achieve satiety. It results in a more diverse diet with food “can understand the need to eat better,” says Claire Marino, dietician. It also restricts the consumption of refined foods. Improvements were observed in lipid levels.

Disadvantages? Already, you’ll understand that this regime is complicated and restrictive to implement. Deprive themselves of food, especially popular, can be difficult and lead to frustration. For Claire Marino, “the regime has a small impact on weight loss. And, if weight loss is because refined foods are removed, as in any system,” added she. Finally, this scheme can result in nutritional deficiencies: calcium, vitamin D, cereal fiber, magnesium group O, iron and protein in group A and in cereal fiber, magnesium, vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B9 ) for group B. To avoid the shortcomings, you can reduce the consumption of forbidden foods and not remove them completely from your diet.

In conclusion, nothing prevents you to try this diet but it is advisable to do so in the short term and, ideally, with medical supervision and regular scans.